A fabulous HG revisited~LOVE?~

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  1. I haven't worn her in so long but Fall/Winter is coming so I pulled out my noir tall Paddy shopper and danced with it for a while:dothewave:

    She was (is?) pretty fabulous and her skin is wrinkled to the point of utter beauty, LOL. Have you all done the same lately?


    waddya think, should I keep dancing with her???
  2. Definitely! Love your bedroom, quite stylish!
  3. definitley keep dancing....nice modelling shots!
  4. Really? I have to learn to be happy with my purses. It's a decision right!!
  5. What a fab bag:nuts::yahoo::tup:!
  6. Looks awesome!! Put that baby back into circulation once fall arrives!!
  7. Your belt is fabulous too by the way..:yes:
  8. you keep dancing girl, paddy is fab! wear her lots and lots
  9. LOve the pic! :heart:
  10. Why of course! I agree she's a bit heavy perhaps for summer, but that would be a FAV bag for me w/ boots & jeans in the fall/winter! Dance on, girl!
  11. The bag looks great on you and you look fabulous:tup:
  12. :blush:
  13. Ah - I remember so well that sunny day when you were holed up in my house waiting for this incredible bag to arrive. I had bought it first and then hours later one of my HG's (silver python Silverado) went on sale at AR and I was lost. Couldn't afford both. You bailed me out and 'sacrificed yourself' for this stunner. Only problem was it was being shipped to MY house and I wasn't going to be home to sign for it seeing as I still had a job back then. And there was the potential catastrophe of my DH coming home and finding you there alone without me. What could be the explanation? That's when we seriously contemplated having you hide under the bed....
  14. Looks fabulous on you!
  15. Oh, i'm so disappointed:sad:... no videos here in the Chloe subforum:nogood:...

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