A fabulous color for the lindy/Broad street opening

  1. After ignoring the lindy for a bit, I've come to my senses and advise mother to get this fabulous bag! However, I am not sure what color to get her? Since this is such a casual, fun bag, what would be a great year-long color for the 34cm? Which would work for both the grey, chocolate, beige, and black wardrobe of the winter and the vibrate summer hues of green, yellow, blue and pastels? Classics such as ebene, potiron, black, blue jean, and raisin come to mind, but any suggestions could help:flowers:

    Also. even though I've frequent and purchased from the Hermes on Madison many times, I've never find a SA to develop a great relationship...therefore, is it possible to get them to put me down on a list or should I just line up the night before the Broad street opening and hope to find one on the floor? Thank you guys for all the help:kiss:

    Btw, does anyone know if the grand opening is for the general public and if it opens at the regular time?
  2. June 21st is the grand opening, which is invite only. It will be open to the general public on the 22nd.
  3. Oh god...thank you for letting me know...to think I almost cleared my whole day on the 21st...oh well, I guess fate is not on my side :crybaby:
  4. I bought a rose drangee. Not the color for everyone, but I'm happy. I would suggest dark brown, or etoupe if you want an all around color.
  5. Good Luck!
  6. Do you girls think it's better to develop a good relationship with the new store and get my lindy there or to find a established SA from Madison? Can someone recommend a patient and trust worthy SA from Madison?
    Also, is this rouge garance? I love this earthy burgundy tone but how come the rouge garance looks really red in other shots?

    All the helps are appreciated! :flowers:
  7. I had the same question about the photo, I think it IS Rouge G but the lighting in the pic is off, so IRL it will be brighter. I love the color in the pic though, which is making me want one in...perhaps Rouge H.

    There is a 34cm potiron clemence at the Munich airport, it's been there a few weeks and was still there when I flew through last Monday. I don't know if they'll ship...
  8. ooh foxie....the lindy is gorgeous!! i hope you can get it!
  9. I would go to the location that's closer to you. Be forewarned, the SAs for the new store are undergoing training as we speak and will probably know as much, or less, than you do. Right now, your best chance to score a Lindy is at the new store. Madison has them waitlisted right now.
  10. Hermesgroupie, you are a great help! If I remember correctly, we have the same cdc ring!
    After some consultation, I've decided between rouge H, blue jean, or maybe etoupe/potiron...which one of these will be easier to obtain or have less people waitlisted? I think I will go down either next Friday or Saturday to see if the store downtown has them and possibly get on the list if they are accepting them...
  11. ^^^The more colors you give them as choices, they more likely you are to get one. Just tell them all your choices and see what comes first.

  12. Is there rouge H for lindys? I thought it's just rouge G?

    Good luck! hopefully there's one available for you!
  13. Yes, there is Rouge H in Clemence. And Lindys come in the whole repertoire of Clemence and Swift colours.