A fabulous break from renovating

  1. So we bough a house about a month ago, been buying furniture, fixing things to my liking, painting etc. I´m up to here with it, which is why I decided to cheer myself up:tup:

    She came a couple of days ago, only got her out tonight for a meal outside (first one in days!). My man loves this bag, which is surprising:heart:

    Here she is, my first H bag, the Deauville MM in navy.
    Deauville.JPG inhand.JPG nook.JPG
  2. congrats NOla!! It looks lovely -- nothing like a little H to cheer yourself up!!
  3. Nola congratulations on your new house and new Deauville.
  4. Congrats Nola. :tup:your Deauville is gorgeous. Great way to cheer yourself up. Hope you get the decorating finished soon!!!!
  5. Good for you, Nola!!
  6. :yahoo:CONGRATULATIONS !!! :yahoo:
    on our first beautiful hermes bag.... You look awesome.. I love your dress !!!
  7. Thank you everyone! Love this bag, so casual yet classy. I was surprised it has such a soft lining and it´s so sturdy!
  8. congrats nola!! i've never seen that bag before! we're in the process of building a house and it's been ongoing for 1.5 years already! ugh!! so i feel your pain.... nothing like a does of H for the perfect cure though!
  9. Nola, Congratulations! That first Hermes bag is always so special!
  10. Great modeling pics! Very lovely bag.
  11. I love your bag.

    Enjoy!! Congrats!!
  12. congrats! ;)
  13. :girlsigh:I love that bag
  14. Congrats on your house, and the great bag! And your cat is the cutest thing ever :smile:
  15. Congratulations Nola!
    I know how it feels on the house front - we have been here a year and have only just put our pictures up!
    Bag is gorgeous and it sounds like you've earned it!