a fab find! to get or not to get?

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  1. I have been lusting for an eggplant classique and now I have received an email coming from a friend of mine selling her eggplant classique..OH gosh!!! The story is I just got my bronze hobo, my orange 04 clutch and my caramel work...i'm outta funds:cry:

    ladies I need help please..go get it or pass???

  2. get it. beg your hubby / bf / mum/dad for it. haha
  3. get it!! it's a beautiful color!! i think a lot of people would die for this color!
  4. Get it!! OMG if you don't get it I want it!!!!:love:
  5. get it! it's awesome!
  6. ooooh....... hard decision!!
    its beautiful, i'd offer her a swap maybe?
    or convince your friend to give it to you- then pay her later? :lol:
  7. Well, I suppose you could sell one of the other three you just purchased or find a way to purchase the eggplant bag as well...

    I understand the feeling of wanting a certain color and style of bag really badly. It's especially tough when it's a color from a past season. If I were in your situation, I would try to find a way to get the bag, otherwise I know I would regret it.
  8. It's a real beauty! It would be hard to pass up. If you can find a way to afford it then get it.
  9. Get it!!
  10. Get it!
  11. Absolutely get it! It's a gorgeous color and you'll totally regret it if you don't!
  12. Get it!!! I carried my eggplant classique today and I love it :love:
  13. You must get it! So hard to come by...

    Get it.. get it! :biggrin:
  14. Have you made your decision AmourN20? Seriously you should get it if you can it's gorgeous!
  15. The eggplant color is rare and beautiful! Why would your friend want to sell it? Is it hard to go with the wardrobe?:unsure:
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