A Eulogy For The Box Style!!!

  1. :hysteric: I can't contemplate it being true! I would prefer to live in denial! But the Box is going to be no more! So let's give it a nice send off, and share thoughts and pictures. And maybe I can fool myself into believing it's just not true. Or maybe if we say it loud enough Bal will rethink the decision to discontinue it. I still think we should get a friendly petition going to show Bal how many customers LOVE the style. Here is my one and only Box, followed by a few other photos of her, and family photo as well......
    img3843yj9.jpg img2869xi1.jpg img3855mj9.jpg img4801ii7.jpg IMG_4919.jpg
  2. I like the box better than the twiggy. And of course I love your pics as always Deana! :smile:
  3. I love it ....My Calcaire box is on it's way ..i've never seen a box in real life...i hope to like it!
  4. Here's my new cornflower box..I would love to have another one in another color. so sad they are discontinued..I'd sign a petition to keep the box:yes:

  5. My first bbag was a caramel box. Selling her was a huge mistake. The box is an amazing style.
  6. here are my only two bbags... a blueberry and a rouille box. I will certainly miss this style, and now must find a new fave.....


  7. :crybaby: I own an origan box...and I love the style, too.... I will sign a petition too.
    BTW Deanna, your braids and charms and your bags w/them, are so beautiful, like works of art! You are gifted! We should all send our bbags to you for a special salon treatment, to be returned w/ special braids or charms!
    And love the colors that you own...do you use them a lot or are they more of a collection? Just wondering if the brighter or pastel colors are easy to match w/outfits...but now :back2topic: (sorry!)
  8. ^^ ditto, the box ROCKS DA HOUSE!!! :jammin:
  9. I have two boxes on the way!:nuts:

    I can't wait to get them!
  10. All your boxes are beautiful. :yes: I'm beginning to fall in love just when it's nearing the end of this style... :crybaby:
  11. my twiggy shed a tear..she got offended. :roflmfao:
  12. Is the box discontinued for S/S 07??? Or for next Fall??
  13. ^ S/S '07 there won't be boxes nor purses. Maybe if enough of us barrage Balenciaga asking for the Box (and Purse) then they'll re-issue it F/W '07.
  14. Here's my Pale Pink Box:
  15. does anyone know how we can contact balenciaga about such issues/comments??? is there an email or an address we can write to?