1. I find that out of all my friends (majority) I'm the only one who enjoys A&E! I loooove watching shows like Intervention, The First 48, and all those forensic shows. It's like real life CSI.

    Anyone else enjoy those shows?? If so, what else is there?? TIA!
  2. I used to love A&E.

    When A&E first appeared, it had hours of stand up comedy shows. Hours of it, every evening. The channel had zip funding and it showed. They started added terrific old (read small fee to air) movies and slowly built the reputation they originally wanted: arts and entertainment.

    Once they were funded, they showed lots of terrific artsy and intellectual movies and shows. Among my favs:
    *Sherlock Holmes. The BBC production with Jeremy Brett. (I'm so glad I taped every episode!)
    *Pride and Prejudice movie with Colin (the Babe) Firth.
    *Classic Agatha Christie and Perot stories. The ones you sometimes see on Public TV.
    *Top quality mini-series, like A Year in Provence.

    But they all went away in favor of reality TV. Dog the Bounty Hunter, etc.

    I DO like the reruns of Crossing Jordan.

    But watching Intervention and the other reality shows make me uncomfortable and guilty-feeling. It's like staring at someone's wound while they are in terrible pain. So sad.

    I do think A&E provides a powerful educational message with these shows. Use drugs and you will wind up like the people on Intervention. Steal and Dog will put you in a very sticky jail with dangerous people.

    These are great shows to let teens know the realities of drugs and illegal behaviors.
  3. I do feel bad also when watching, I feel like I'm prying into someone's private life. But then I remember, they know what they are doing and sign for it to be aired. It really is a smack in the face with reality of how someone's life can really go spiraling down. Gets me scared when I think of my peers my age and how they are suffering from similar things. :tdown:
  4. I love A&E too...I thought I was the only one. I've always watched "Crossing Jordan" on the channel, and I still catch episodes of it because despite the fact that it was one of my favorite shows, I still haven't seen EVERY episode. The problem with A&E is that their programs aren't that varied. They show The Godfather movies way too much, as anyone who wants to see those would already have it on DVD or something. I've always liked "Cold Case Files" and I also like to watch "Chris Angel Mindfreak" with my BF. I was a BIG fan of "Airline" when it was on. I never got into the hype of "The Sopranos" when it was on HBO and I thought about watching it when it came to A&E as I've never seen a single episode...but as it turns out I'm still not interested in the show.

  5. Oh I love "Cold Case Files" and ITA, I've never seen one episode of "The Sopranos" and I'm not still not interested.
  6. I love the First 48....I really got into it watching it one night on my day off. I work for a dept in a major city and I find it interesting to see at how other agencies work their CS/Homicides. Now I have my DH watching..he's also a POPO.
  7. I love A&E!

    Intervention, First 48, Airline, Dog, Paranormal State, City Confidential, Gene Simmons, SWAT, Family Plots...I watch A&E more than any other channel.
  8. Yay! I watch Paranormal State with my bf on Mondays. :tup:
    The cases are very interesting, and I try to not think about all the ways things could be faked.. The resolution at the end is always so anti-climatic, though. :shrugs:
  9. My favorite movie and book of all time is Pride and Prejudice and the A&E version with Colin Firth is amazing!!! I love it. Very thorough..doesn't leave out anything. Plus Colin Firth is gorgeous.
  10. The only thing I watch from A&E is Intervention. I love that show.
  11. I used to watch Dog: The Bounty Hunter (but I don't anymore. To be honest, even if a&e put it back on the air, I don't know if I'd watch it again.)

    I watch Gene Simmons's Family Jewels and Interventions.
  12. I watch A&E quite a bit :yes:
  13. I like this channel too.....especially since they added an HD A&E.
  14. i watch it a lot too...always something good on it.
  15. I love A &E, I also watch alot of BRAVO, Court (now TRU)TV, I love watching Forensic Files and City Confidential. LUV IT!. Now I'm watching more home shows like HGTV.