A &E Buy any 3 items (incl clearance) free shipping

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  1. I bought three shirts and two scarfs for 35 bucks! It seems you can also return in store if it doesn't fit. Also don't forget tax which was around 2.xx for me.:biggrin:
  2. This is a great deal . I ordered last weekend and got my stuff today! I got the tye dye looking t shirt, tanning spray, summer tote in white , black nightie and violet braided flip flops for around 39.00. The tote is so cute I may order another one in brown.
  3. oh its been going on lol I am all late.
  4. woow... thxs
  5. Thanks! I got some shorts for hubby, a few shirts and a scarf for 35 bucks!! Great deals
  6. Is there a code? My shipping charge is still being shown! :sad:
  7. ^I think it ended yesterday.

    I ordered last week and got a bathing suit, shirt, and a belt!
  8. is this AE for American Eagle?

    If yes here are some codes.
    15% OFF : 76054879 EXP: 07/15
    FREE SHIPPING WITH ORDER OF $50 : 78994018

    For free shipping with any 3 items or more has expired on 07/07
  9. Can you use both codes? i can' get it to work
  10. I don't think so. They only allowed 1 coupons per order.
  11. #11 Jul 8, 2009
    Last edited: Jul 8, 2009
    I ordered this morning and it did not charge me shipping so it worked then but I just went back to check and it would not give the discount :sad: They must not have switched the free shipping off until this afternoon.
  12. Add a pair of flip flops or shoes to your order for free shipping.
  13. ^^ thanks! i added a pair of clearance flip flops and it worked!
  14. I bought the fringe sandals and 3 dresses on clearance and a headband = $45
  15. #15 Jul 9, 2009
    Last edited: Jul 9, 2009
    tatertot i tried to add some stuffs on my shopping bag costs more than 50$ and the free shipping code still works.