A DVF question - need help (especially Christina)

  1. I had this shirt sent to me.


    I read that you should go up a size or two when buying DVF so I bought a size 6 (one size up). It seems too small so I am going to try to track down and 8. I could probably get away with the 6 but it would definately need a tank top. I am not opposed to the tank but I want to at least try the 8 on for comparison. It would be nice to not wear the tank too. (Just another thing I have to find).

    Christina: I thought the shirt would go with white pants and a white tank. But it is really more of an ivory. It looks way cute with jeans but I doubt I will wear jeans in the summer. It will be too hot. What are you mostly wearing it with? Jeans?
  2. Hmmm... I'm a size 2 and wear a size 2 in DVF... I LOVE DVF and own many wrap dresses. It very much depends on your bust size. If you are larger-busted, I would go up a size so the fabric doesn't have to strain across your boobs! If not, I think just getting a true-to-size top/dress will work.
  3. Hi Allison! :nuts:

    I love that top! I'm so glad I bought it on sale. I ended up getting a size 8, and I normally wear a size 6, small or medium up top - just depends on the brand. I can't wear it without a camisole underneath, so I go with either white or navy blue.

    As far as bottoms go, I've worn it with jeans, mainly a dark blue trouser-style pair from Citizens of Humanity. I have a cream/beige pair from Express that I think is next on the list for bottoms to pair with this top. If you wear a darker colored (navy or green) tank or camisole underneath, I think it will look nice with a lighter-colored pant.

    What about grey? I have a light grey wide-leg pant that goes with everything! I think most neutrals will go with the top.

    Good luck! :smile:
  4. It would look fantastic with a black pencil skirt or a denim pencil skirt. Or maybe black linen pants for the summer.

    That top is next on my Must Have list!
  5. Love this top!~
    I got it friday from Saks@ the sale price of 40% off from last week's designer sale .
    I got the 12 and she fits fantastic. I bought a navy tank to wear with it and love it . I definitely can't wear without a tank.
    I am wearing with denim jeans and heels tonight for my friend's daughter's 23rd birthday party at a local sushi bar.
    I love that top!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    thanks Christina for heaps up when ypu boughht it @Saks sale price.
  6. I love it. DVF things are always so flattering.
  7. Lovely top!!
  8. Cute top...

    With DVF I'm large chested so I have to go up 1-2 sizes to not feel so exposed. I wouldn't recommend going up more than 2 sizes. On me when I go up past that the shoulders stop fitting (which is an expensive alteration).
  9. I'm usually a 0-2 and also get that size in DVF. But I do agree that you should go up a size if you're bigger on top just so prints don't get stretched and it looks awkward.
  10. that is fabulous! how about some high waisted salior type trousers?
  11. Thanks for the input, everyone. I finally picked it up in size 8 and it was perfect. I had an ivory tank that matched perfectly. I might try to find a navy one too. I can wear it with jeans for sure and maybe I will see what else I have lurking in my closet. While I was there, I tried to look at some other DVF stuff. It was hard because I had my hubby and girls (1.5 and 3) with me and my girls were going nuts so I didn't have lots of time. They had a much bigger selection than the store by me. I also bought a cute ladybug top with spaghetti straps.

    When I was back in Palm Beach, I saw a woman walking down Worth Avenue in the wrap shirt. I guess it is pretty popular.
  12. I'm a 2 and also a 2 in DVF, but as everyone else says- it's all about your boobs. If you're bigger than a Bcup i'd definitely say you need to size up at least one size. I just bought this top in a different print from Nordies and love it!
  13. I just got this top as well and bought a navy tank from Target which looks really good with it.
  14. i just got this top as well and love it!! I got a navy tank from Target that looks fab-for 12.99!
    I wore with dark denim jeans and got loads of complements( my 20 + daughter wants to steal it ). I think I'll try with white denim jeans next.
    Thanks Christina for the tip!