A dumb technical question

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  1. Hi ladies! This is probably a stupid question, but auctions I'm watching that are close to ending no longer display the remaining time in red in My eBay. I haven't messed with any settings, it has just started displaying this way. Is this a new change? How can I fix it? I like the convenience of just being able to glance over items that I'm watching and knowing what's ending soon.
  2. I've noticed that too on mine, anad I don't like it! I'd like to know also if this can be fixed.
  3. HAPpened to me too but you an adjust your watching items to "sort by: time left: ending soonest".
  4. I noticed this too and it's driving me crazy! Even though my watched items list is sorted by "Ending Soonest" I liked that I could see them quickly and easily in red. Grrrr...
  5. It's not a dumb question at all, NoraV.

    I got tired of wondering about this (because it's been driving me nuts all week long). I contact CSR via Chat. It's an eBay technical issue and they are working on it. Supposedly it doesn't do that on IE (I use Firefox), but I opened IE and it was the same way. Then the CSR guy left for a second and came back to tell me they were aware of it. He was even seeing it on his end.

    As to how long? Dunno. I just hope it's soon. Every time I look at My eBay, it looks like none of the auctions I'm watching are ending any time soon b/c they are still in black font. Annoying!!! :mad: