A dumb question - but can you tell me?

  1. I have a new Alma, it has a lock and 2 keys on the zipper - I don't quite know what I'm supposed to do with all of this - do I remove any of it? Also, does it matter where you zip it? all on one side or in the middle or is it completely unimportant? I feel there is something I should know about this - It's my first LV with the lock and keys. Thanks for humoring me !!
  2. Hey
    Wish could help but have no idea
  3. You can zip it like luggage, where ever feels right for you.

    I would remove the keys, use the lock if you like or remove it....

    Some people feel the bags that come with locks look naked without thme, some people remove the locks for fear of tanishing or damage from banging....completly what ever you like best.

    Congrats BTW.

  4. whatever you like :smile: You can leave the lock on the one ziper plug as decoration or attach it to the brass on the handle. Or just take it off. Its not used persay just there as decor.
    As for zipping i found with my mc alma i leave both zippers done up half way. Just to the part where the bag starts to round. The only time i completely close my bg is if i'm in a mall shopping then i just use one an off to either side.
  5. I removed the lock and keys, I zipped in the middle..I think we had a thread about it....
  6. when we got my mom her Alma the SA didnt place the lock anywhere except in the little box and I thought the Alma looked perfect without it..

    (I feel like I'm speaking in 3rd person since my name is alma..);)
  7. lol
  8. With my alma, I took the lock off completely.

    Like others mentioned, I usually leave it partially open, with each zipper partially up on the sides.
  9. I put it on one of the zippers. I love the look of the lock.
  10. Oh congrats! No advice as I don't havce one but I had to tell you I saw one in mono today and :yahoo: :love: That is such a nice bag. Enjoy!!! (the one I saw had the lock on it...I liked it)
  11. I left my lock on one of the zippers and I always have it zipped up in the middle.