A Dubai reveal

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  1. Hello my lovelies,

    I've been chasing this item for almost three weeks and living in Dubai where everything is sold out the minute it hits the Chanel boutique makes it even more tricky to find the styles your after or your size. So I went to every single boutique and we have three options, put my name with a couple of SA's asking for my size and the color combo i am after. Some were very misinformed and not really promising as is always the case. But two seemed very helpful and offered their whatsapp contact so it's easier for us both to get in touch.

    I chased and chased and chased to the point where SA's of all boutique recognized me and what I am after and would just shake their heads in disappointment to point out that they haven't received my size or won't ever be in some cases.

    Anyways one of the SA's I dealt with via whatsapp had actually haunted down a pair of espadrilles for me before and I felt very hopeful just talking to him because I could see he knows that I am serious buyer so on the day I was about to give up and cave in and buy the shoes online and pay more than 300$ extra via personal shopper I get a msg from this SA telling me that a half size up has arrived asking if he should hold it for me. And what do you know- I ran to the mall asap I got out of work tried them on convincing myself that the half size isn't at all an issue and that although it's in lambskin and open from the back it wouldn't loose it's shape. I bought anyways because I couldn't risk not having it at all. I asked the SA if he's sure that this is the only pair they received and he said yes yes of course.

    I go home an hour later and the store manager from the same boutique calls me telling me that my size has arrived and if I'd like to hold it. I couldn't believe my ears, at first they said they'll never receive the shoes, then they call me for a half size bigger and on the same day I get called for my size after having purchased the wrong size!!!

    Believe me I wasn't furious at all- I mean I've dealt with Chanel SA's far too many times to know that this is actually a good thing. I go in the next day and swap them and I couldn't be happier!!!!

    Moral of the story: with Chanel, chasing is a must. Getting friendly with a SA is also a must. Doing your research is a plus. Never give up even on the most limited of pieces!!

    I hope you enjoy my reveal!!

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  2. Here!!!
  3. Ready when you are.
  4. Here!!
  5. Here!
  6. Here it is lovelies!! it's the slingback in the hard to find beige and black combo!!

    Tell me what you think :smile:

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  7. Beautiful!! Congrats!!!
  8. Gorgeous! Definitely post a mod shot! Hope you aren't melting in the heat yet!
  9. Lovely, congrats! Good classic to have️
  10. Congrats & Enjoy :smile: Does the boutiques in Dubai get items in the same times as the US? I'm visiting Dubai in early October and wonder if Cruise will be in yet?
  11. What a story, I'm happy for you, you finally found them! They're beaituful!
  12. hii!! yes the collections arrive the same exact time except items depend on what each boutique buys from the collection :smile:
  13. haha- thank you! the weather is actually beautiful these days :smile:
  14. Thanks! I can't wait to visit!!!
  15. Love them! Congrats!