A dress for the Valentine date?

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  1. Hi all!

    I nead your help. My hubby is taking me on a romantic Valentines Day date and I have nothing to wear. Problem is, that I basicly don't like colours. The less colour is in colour the better for me. I wear mostly pale pink, some dark and pale violet, lot's of gray, brown and sometimes black. I have lot's of dresses, but none of them is a colorful dress that he would love me to see in. So I decided to make him a suprise and buy myself a red dress. I want it to be something sexy, knee lenght, evening dress.
    I'm in the type of Keira Nightley- not too tall (165cm) smal bust, long neck, brown hair, blue eyes. Problem is, that the dress nead's to be the main part of the outfit. I have big problems with my feets and can't wear high heels, so the dress must look OK with flats.

    I'll appriciate all your oppinions, as I'm really stuck here and the clock is ticking....
  2. I vote for the gap one! so pretty! they prob dont have your size online but check w/ your local stores!
  3. The Gap one really look nice. I nead to call them for my size

    thanks so much
  4. That's so romantic!!! I really envy you , and I hope you find the best dress!!!
  5. I tried that gap one on in the store--it runs SUPER big. My sister and I (she's 5'9'' and I'm 5'7'' and we're both about 125-130 lb) were both swimming in a size 4.
  6. pearlisthegurl- I really love the two you posted. Thanks for all your advices. tommorow I'm going shopping, we'll see if I'll be able to find something

    girliceclimber- Thanks for pointing that, I'll remember it for sure!
  7. och, one more thing- any one seen something with a puff? I would really prefere it to have a sleewe as my shoulders are really skinny
  8. I love the jucy one, but would prefere it to be made of better fabric (well.. they don't have my size anyway..) but thank's so much! I really appriciate your work here
  9. Im sorry, I love the dsquared one, I hope you find it, what size are you, just so if I see it I could be sure to post it!
  10. I'm europen 36, so I think it's US 4
  11. I LOVE the first one, so gorgeous.

    Agree that red or dusty pink are the ways to go!