A dream gone...

  1. Hey ladies.

    So as most of you know, my mom is getting a big inheritance from her family and she gave me the opportunity to pick one of anything that I wanted, and I said a Birkin, and she said okay. I was so happy and excited; you all know this.

    Well, the inheritance is still bogged down; no word from the lawyers. I had the Birkin located for a great price and it was all perfect, but I've told the seller to go ahead and release it, sell it to someone else. For a number of reasons.

    I don't know when the inheritance will come through and the seller needs the money; it's not fair to her. I am also house shopping and I know that the money could be put toward a down payment or expenses to fix up the property I choose, and it's the responsible thing to let my dream bag go. It's just that this was the one opportunity I had to get one and not sink myself into debt. My SO agrees that I'm doing the smart thing, BUT-- and this is coming from a purse hating SO-- he actually hugged me and said "But you've wanted that bag forever, hun! ....It's your decision. I can't believe you'd give it up."

    I don't make enough to have money for that bag, and won't, realistically, for some time. If ever. Especially with price increases. I'm not being dramatic; that's just the truth. I just feel like my dream is gone-- being realistic, I don't think I'll ever be able to get a Birkin. What's pathetic? I'm actually in tears over this, I'm so sad. I know, that's pathetic, and I know I'm doing the right thing. It just... really sucks.

    Console me? :cry: :crybaby: :sad::crybaby::hysteric:
  2. Hey! Brave girl! You will get your bag. It just may take awhile longer and it will be so worth the wait when you do. Plus, you'll have a house to put it in!!!

    Its totally disapointing, but don't dispair. They make those bags all the time. Yours will come to you. It just will. *hug*
  3. ^^I just don't get why I'm actually in TEARS over this! I know it's the right thing to do, and I know the "right thing to do is never easy" but... :crybaby:
  4. HUGS Sarah, you know what we talked about.:love: we are all here for you! And you WILL get a Birkin!!! I know this!!! Good Karma is coming your way darling, it is a fact.

    I will have a dream about black, buy a black shirt, and think about black so you can get your black Birkin. It worked with PBC's indigo reveal, MrsS's graphite reveal for a friend, and for someone else's blue jean. I have powers :cyborg:
  5. I totally understand how you feel as this had happened to me on one occasion. Cheer up hon, even if you can't get the birkin now, im sure with some monthly savings aside for it, you'll make your dream come true. Yes, It may gonna take some time but you know it's all worth it in the name of H !

  6. Maybe you're in tears because of your grandmother? Maybe it isn't directly about the bag, but what it represents. Now it has gone away too, and its something you have to let go. Perhaps it is delayed grieving? Hang in there.
  7. ^^That might be it because I just started crying all over again. Darnit, Santagator :flowers:
  8. Dear Ms. RBB:

    Don't, you shall be happy because this bag was NOT meant to be!!!

    I am VERY CERTAIN that once the $ is in your hand, you'll spend it with a BIG SMILE and PROUD of yourself for wait it!!!
  9. ^Morgan is very sweet and very right!
  10. That was so poignant...
  11. When you are ready and the time is right, the perfect one will turn up, you'll see. I truly believe in those things. That happened to me and I thought I lost a great chance for a black box Kelly, then one turned up 10 days later, and it even had my initials in brass. It made it all the more special.
  12. I applaud your self-control and priorities. You will get the Birkin one day if it is important enough to you, you will figure it out.

    I understand your anxiety about the price increases, all things H are getting more and more expensive. Set up a Birkin fund and put a bit in it, even if it takes you years.

    I would be crying too. It might be a good idea to stay away from eBay and other sources of temptation for a while. This too shall pass. Think how great it will be to finally get that bag when you CAN afford it!
  13. Sarah, you'll get your bag. Don't despair. They aren't going anywhere and you will always find resellers that have bags that are probably in your price range. Buy a HOUSE. You have plenty of time for Hermes. :heart:
  14. aaaw, in time you'll realize that what you did was right with no regrets. it's all like a chain reaction....good things will come out of this and your dream birkin will be at the end of the rainbow. in the meantime...HUGS to you!
  15. Well just think that now you are back to square one, just save save save and at the same time wait for the inheritance. For me a Birkin is years away, I just try to think about the positive, enjoying what you already got.