A dream come true….

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  1. Every once in a blue moon something comes along that so captivates my fantasy that the world stops for a moment, then restarts twice as good as it was before.

    This happened to me recently, when I spotted a listing for a BNIB Hermes handbag.

    I knew that moment it had to be mine.

    In lieu of a striptease, and before I present her, anyone care to guess what I saw??

    I’ll give you a clue: It’s the H bag I love most next to Kelly. :heart:
  2. Oooooh, ...could it be a....31 cm Bolide???? Eagerly awaiting pics, Katel!!

  3. Darn. I have to go pick up DD. Why can't 12-year-olds get a driver's licence? Grrr.
  4. C'mon....spill!!!!!!!!!!
  5. Patience, girls! Here’s another clue:

    It’s bright in the color I love most.
  6. I have no patience for these tease threads!! It must be great though!! Oh wait...I kind of remember you drooling over something recently!!????
  7. Do tell! C'mon! I gotta go watch a movie with PHH! I'm going to miss all the action!
  8. OK, last clue:

    It’s bumpy, not smooth...

  9. Clemence bolide....?
  10. hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm???
  11. Enough games!

    Presenting my newest baby, Regal Miss Raisin 31 - ahhhhhh - I'm in love...:heart:

    raisini bolide final1.JPG
  12. Holy Sh*t! That is gorgeous!:wtf::drool::drool::heart::heart:

  13. WOWWWWW!!! I'm in LOVE!!!!!!!!! Congrats, Katel! She's a beauty!
  14. Here's her profile:

  15. :yahoo: :drool: :yahoo: Can I just say WOWWWW!!!! Beauty at it's finest - from one ostrich fan to another!! What a week!!!