A dream come true for me! No more obsessing over her!


Apr 18, 2006
Hello ladies! I didn't do a reveal for my last 3 Chanel bags, but this one definitely deserve it... she's so special and she's finally mine!! :yahoo:

I'll TRY to keep the story short lol... but I've been wanting this bag since I was in HS... it's been almost 8 years! I've always been envious with anyone that own this bag... and just hoping that one day she'll be mine... lol...I've been losing sleep over her and been stalking ebay for a long time... so I finally ordered her from Saks..

so here she is!! I'll continue on the story later of how I got her =)

my bf thought I was being so weird, when I started taking pictures of the boxes before I opened it up for the bag lol.