A Dozen Birkins And Zero Hermes?

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  1. I wonder if there's anyone out there who owns more than a dozen kellys or birkins but doesn't collect or buy any other H items at all?
  2. That must be quite a challenge....! The accessories to dress up those Birkin/Kellys alone, like the Breloque Charm, Key Chains, Charms, etc...are too adorable to resist (at least in my case... :P)
  3. I am sure they are out there. The fact that you can buy both kellys and birkins off the shelf scouring global Hermes stores. You will find that this forum is full of tpfrs who adore much more than those two items as evidenced by the various ode to threads. I can tell you that once you open the orange door there is no going back!!
  4. Good thought but I believe that Hermes is truly more than just bags alone...H love goes beyong Kellys and Birkins...I'd say that for these folks...they did not capture the true essence of Hermes...just my 2 cents worth of input!
  5. Good question, it's hard to imagine not buying some little trinket. I didn't really think I would buy anything other than my Birkin but you start frequenting the store, not to mention this board, and see all the wonderful things they make
  6. Great question...now I'm wondering how deep does one go into the vast ORANGE?
  7. i'm sure there're ppl who just buy birkin/kelly exclusively.

    i know that i can never do that, cause i like variety.
  8. of course there are "birkinhunters" out there. but i assume most of those do not even frequent boutiques a lot they mostly buy of ebay or resellers i can imagine.

    of course that is only me cause i can not imagine that once you set foot into the boutique you do not get seduced by the beautiful stuff they do apart from leather goods
  9. I would be willling to bet there are people who try to start that way. But H is like a drug, once you are in a boutique you just see more and more things that you have to have...lol:graucho:
  10. You sound like me except that I bought scarves. Not many, but I always loved their scarves so I bought. Aside from my birkins, one evelyne and scarves so far I only own 1 pair of loafers a pair of sandels and 2 scarf rings and one wallet. I must say I never thought I spend that much on a wallet, but it's so hard to resist. It is a very very slippery slope

    But you are so right, now that I see the Uylisis I'm thinking of chaning over from my filofax, the cover is so much nicer, I like the "tassle" key ring.

    But as for dressing my Birkins, so far I've not done that. I guess I'm a purist, aside from puting a scarf on the handels. Plus the cost of some of those little trinkets can add up and I guess I'd rather buy a scarf. If I had unlimited funds that would be another story.
  11. I started out only interested in buying a Birkin or Kelly. However, now that I am better acquainted with the brand, I have a growing list of non-handbag items that I am planning to buy this year.
  12. just as a tidbit as i have been told the title also works vice versa aka clientswith lots of h but no birkin or kelly just wanted to share
  13. I only have 3 bags so far and no other H items. Scarves would be wasted on me because I have waist-length hair. I don't think I'm tall enough to look good wearing a shawl. I only wear diamond jewelry, so I doubt if I will ever buy any H jewelry. I love the sweaters and shirts, though.
  14. Exactly! To love and appreciate Hermes, it goes way way beyond just the Birkin and Kelly.
  15. I thought of Hermes associated only with Birkin and Kelly bag but when you go to the store, you would see lot of pretty things and I just recently dicovered the Tohu Bohu Shawl, twilly, clicclac bracelets,agendas, bearn wallets and the list goes on... they are so yummy...

    You get what i am saying, H is hard to resist... H is addictive... :tender: