A doubt about the Spring 2008 collection ...

  1. I live in Brazil and I'm going to New York ... probably in the end of March ... and I'd like to know if I'll be able to find the Spring 2008 MbMJ bags somewhere or I'll only find Resort 2007 MbMJ bags on sale!

    Thanks if someone can answer it!
  2. I would suggest calling the boutiques and/or department stores to see when they will be getting their spring line in.
  3. according to the lookbook, the earliest shipment of spring bags will be mid-february, so i would assume all department stores would be getting it around the same time. i'm not sure whether or not sales on the resort 07 bags will be happening at the end of march. i remember a big sale happening around the end of april and beginning of may in 2007, so you might be a little early for the resort markdowns if you're visiting in march.
  4. Oh, God! Only at the end of april/beginning of may? Well ... eBay will be my way then! hehehe.
  5. well, even though there may not be sales on the Spring 08's doesnt mean you can't have fun gawking at them and window shopping ;) :drool:
  6. Yeah, 'coach superfan' ... your're 100% right! hehehe.
  7. Resort goes on sale with the spring line in the summer... so most likely during March you'll find both, but at full price I think.
  8. I actually talked to my SA at the new MbyMJ store in Chgo the other day & she said that they already got some of their Spring/Summer bags - I'm heading to the store tomorrow, so I'll let you know what I see.
  9. Pleaaaseee! Let me know, ok?