A doubt about Dr. Q Groove satchel bag ...

  1. I live in Brazil and here we don't have this bag. I only saw photos, so I have a doubt:

    Without its removeable leather shoulder strap, the Dr. Q Groove bag can be used comfortably over shoulders or it's only a handbag?

    Dr. Q Groove satchel bag.jpg
  2. Without the strap I think you can only use it as a handbag, not over your shoulder
  3. Yup, the handles are not big enough to be worn over most shoulders. At least I can't fit them over mine.
  4. i can fit the groovee over my shoulder, but i wouldn't say it's the most comfortable way to carry it. the straps are so short that the bag sits right under the armpit, and i prefer more room for movement with a shoulder bag, kwim? now that coat season is upon us here in new york, there's no way i would be able to carry it that way, but i imagine you wouldn't have that problem living in brazil. ;)
  5. :O Its the BORDEAUX!!!
    I can fit mine over my shoulder... its not that comfortable but not that uncomfortable either so i usually just have it on the crook of my arm and then move it to my shoulder if my arm gets tired lol
  6. i can fit it under my shoulders as well. it is a slightly big bag so it is not the most comfortable but sometimes i wear it that way since i dont like wearing the longer strap. it makes the bag slouch a weird way.
  7. Thanks a lot!

    I live in Rio de Janeiro city and here we hardly wear coats, but, anyway, I understood that this bag doesn't fit comfortably over shoulders, right?

    Thanks again!
  8. I have the Bordeaux Groovee Satchel and it can fit over my shoulder, but if you are wearing a heavy coat, it probably won't be so comfy : )
  9. Debora-
    I would say it depends on how big you are. I can fit mine over my shoulder and others here have said they can as well, however, I am 5'3" and very thin. Depending on your size, it may or may not be comfortable for you. I think it looks best worn on the arm, and it gives a funny shape when used with the shoulder strap. But it is very versatile if you need to carry it any of these ways, it can be dressed up or down, and it is beautiful.