A double reveal

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    First of all, this is the first item that I get to shoot in my new home-grown photo studio.

    Secondly, it's Megs' new Orange Box that shall be revealed soon. I can't wait to shoot her. :okay:


    Here's more pictures post-reveal. View the rest scattered across the thread.




  2. i wanna see!!
  3. Oh I've been wondering when this reveal would happen!! Vlad, the first photo looks great! Megs, contratulations!!
  4. Whatchagot??????
    Fantastic pic BTW!!!
  5. OOOH!!!!! Hints, please!!!:woohoo:
  6. A shawl perhaps?
  7. Great pic!
  8. OK we'll play.....'I can't wait to shoot her':okay:
  9. Looking at proportions of the box ... it looks like it contains a wallet. A Bearn?
  10. I know it MUST be croc..or lizard....open please.....

    Love the studio pic!
  11. vlad - what a tease!

    kelly long wallet?
  12. OK.....newly engaged = thoughtful.........
  13. Vlad, are you using Table Top Studios?....

    And ... I second the vote for croc. Orange.
  14. Nice!!! Just in time for a reveal finally!!! :popcorn:
  15. Bracelet.....The one with the charms?