A double reveal!!! Im in lvoe!!

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  1. Gorgeous!! Congrats hunny
  2. Beautiful enjoy!
  3. Very pretty! I love the Artsy! It's huge!!!

  4. And to think this is the smaller size!
  5. To answer a bunch of questions...
    I was waiting for my old wallet to sell on eBay before I bought a new one. But I knew I couldn't wait for the Sarah in Rose Pop!

    The handle is very comfortable on my shoulder, and I carry a bunch of stuff in my bag. However, I've only had this bag for about 2 hours so I'll have to get back to you on how truly comfortable it is. But it's so pretty, I don't even care! We all wear shoes that kill our feet, right?

    I will post modeling pics later--my camera is being funny so all of the pics I took don't look that great.

    And T-Girl, my addiction REALLY got started when I joined this forum! I have been on a buying binge this past week! Good luck at the Boutique and I just know you'll get something FANTASTIC, you deserve it! Can't wait to see some pics later!

    Pigeu, good luck on getting Rose Pop! It's the BEST Vernis color ever IMO, and I'll have my fingers crossed for you!
  6. Congrats!
  7. congrats it's beautiful =]
  8. Artsy ! I'm so excited for you....Cool
  9. Uh-oh, SaraGuz! :faint: I don't know if I want anything today.

    I went on a LV binge last year. Before that it was Coach. Yes, :yes: in BOTH CASES it was because of joining tPF. I am just gonna look. I promised Brahh and Jelita78 that I am not going to buy anything else LV for this year. :blush: It's Day 29 of 365 that I've stuck to my ban.
  10. Yeah right! I am sure that you will fall in love with something...even if it's a little Bandeau just to brighten your bags!
  11. OMG!!! The Artsy!! Which LV did you get it at?? I can't wait to see it tomorrow when we are at LV for the TPF meet.
  12. LOVE LOVE LOVE the rose pop!! perfect wallet!!!
  13. Beautiful Artsy and wallet!!

    Enjoy them both!!
  14. did the artsy come with any charm on it ?
  15. Gorgeous Congratulations! PS: Can't wait to see modeling shots!