A double reveal!!! Im in lvoe!!

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  1. It's an MM! And it's huge!
  2. What's in the smaller box??
  3. I should have checked your wishlist first! It does look huge for a MM!

    That is very very pretty! Then, I can only imagine what a GM looks like.

    Now look what you did???? I have to go check it out at my local LV boutiques! :P
  4. Gorgeous! :love:I can't wait for more!
  5. Go check it out! All of the pictures of this bag combined don't do it justice! The handle is so amazing--my SA and I were astonished at how long it probably took to make it! I will post a modeling pic later when my camera isn't being funny!
  6. OMG, congrats! :drool: This bag is TDF!!!
  7. Congrats, it's soooo nice!!!
  8. Here's what was in the small box:
    any guesses?
  9. hmmm zcp?
  10. Looks like the size of a long wallet..
  11. it's bigger than a ZCP
  12. Sarah or International?
  13. sarah!
  14. This is the first Artsy reveal I've seen! Congrats, let's see #2!
  15. Yay! It's a great bag! I can't stop staring at it! It's like a piece of Art :biggrin: