A double reveal!!! Im in lvoe!!

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  1. absolutely love both!! congrats babe
  2. ooohhh I too am in LVOE
  3. thanks everyone!
  4. have you had a chance to take your artsy out yet? I tried her on in the store and the handle was too small for me :sad: I really wanted to like this bag hmmm maybe give it another try . IDK GM is too big for me!
  5. Gorgeous additions - congrats!
  6. Yes, I use her everyday! Even today, it was raining and I fit her perfectly well over my trench coat!
  7. Love the bag and wallet! They are fabulous!!!
  8. Your Rose Pop Sarah Wallet is TDF!!!!! :drool:
    ^my all time favourite smiley face lol^
  9. LOVE the Artsy! (: So gorgeous!
  10. soo pretty! Congrats!
  11. lovely modeling pics! the artsy and rose pop are stunning!!!!congrats!