a double reveal! a Sally and a Paddington Large Tote!!

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  1. I am going to post pics of my orange Sally I just received today! Over the weekend I also got a Large Paddington Tote in Ciel! :yahoo:
  2. We need pics!!:graucho:
  3. it's giving me issues with the pics..they are jpg but won't upload! im trying!!!
  4. here they are!! i have never revealed anything before on here so it took a minute to figure it out!! I added the last pic of all my chloes just for fun!

    enjoy! :smile:

    Attached Files:

  5. Oooh lovely!!! nice collection
  6. Beautiful!! Congrats!!
  7. What a beautiful trio! The orange Sally is gorgeous!
  8. OMG...that orange Sally is just stunning beyond belief...WOWZA

    Congrats on a GREAT reveal!!
  9. thank you ladies!! i was a little worried about the orange, but i really think it will actually go with a lot of stuff!
  10. I love orange bags, and I find it adds a nice pop of color to a lot of outfits!
    Congrats--it's so gorgeous!
  11. love both bags - really like the paddington tote - congratulations on both!
  12. LOVE them ztainthecity!!!!! :yahoo::heart::tup: and the orange was a good choice, it does look very nice! can't wait to see you carrying them, yay!!!!
  13. Congrats!!! Orange was a bold choice but it is beautiful.
    I have the same tote in ink blue.
    The colors of these totes are gorgeous whether in ciel or ink blue.
  14. Hot color combo! Love the Sally especially! You lucky girl, 2 at once! :yahoo:
  15. Beautiful! I love the paddintong tote... Enjoy your new beauties in best of health!
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