A Double Happiness Monday!!!

  1. My two new babies came in very early this morning unexpectedly in my office driving away my Monday blues!! :yahoo::yahoo::yahoo:
    Here they are:-

  2. C'mon nada - REVEAL!!! My Monday morning has been awful - I need to borrow some of your happiness!!!!
  3. take it off!!!
  4. Oh god what are they!!! Violet? Jaune?????
  5. reveal reveal!
    looks like jaune and violet coinpurses maybe??? :smile:
  6. I want to see more!!!
  7. Ok, ok, I'm back with them......


    MY JAUNE & VIOLET MINI COIN PURSES!!!!! YAHOO!!! :yahoo:They're absolutely TDF! Sooooooo Happy with the vibrant colors! Hope u gals will like them too.
  8. I love them!!!!!!!!! Mini coin purses are sooooo cute!!! And those colors are just yummy!!! Congrats!!!
  9. How cute! Ditto on loving the fabulous colors. I needed a pick-me-up today too (ill w/stomach bug on last day of vacation in Turkey, pregnant, and not looking forward to a looong flight to California tomorrow.) This was just what I needed. I really have to start looking for some cute accessories!
  10. :wtf: OMG!!! I want them so bad.... CONGRATS!!!
  11. :tup:Oh I just love them!!! I would love love, love, to find a Violet Coin Purse too! Congratulations they both are so cute!:heart:
  12. gorgeous colors, congrats.
  13. Adorable!!! Both are gorgeous!
  14. :drool::tup::nuts::wlae:Woohoo, another pretty coin purses in violet and jaune....Don't you just love them
  15. ME TOO!! CONGRATS!!!!