A domed satchel party -- and you are invited...

  1. Guilty looks...I came home with her too!!
  2. WOW! Welcome and come join the partay! LOVE the domed satchels. Small and lightweight yet it fits a TON! So sad to see this shape being discontinued! The blue is GORGEOUS! Kath
  3. I agree...I was so looking forward to more of these. Guess I will take my two and run!
  4. The bad thing is - I can't quit thinking of the fawn I left behind... AUGH!
    But I just but an older LV Speedy off of a friend - don't they kind of fill the same spot?
    Kathy thanks for the welcome!:biggrin: I've been more of a lurker than poster in the past. I was wondering - have you had any issue with your denim blue? I saw one thread where someone did. I wondered if that was common or out of the norm?
  5. Hope, no problems at all. She's gorgey and in great shape! :smile:
  6. I picked up 3 domed satchels today! Would have bought more, but there were only 3 colors! haha
  7. Haha which ones??

    I keep wanting to go back and snag fawn...3 is such a nice number!
  8. ME TOO!

    And yes -which three did you come home with?
  9. Amazing finds!! Congrats!!
  10. I picked up Denim, Gunmetal silvery one, and Tuberose. I think I missed any other colors because I kept calling the outlet to see if they had rec'd any domes and was repeatedly told that those hadn't arrived yet! Finally yesterday someone put me on hold and came back and said that they found 1 denim bag, acting like it was the only dome in the store. So I trekked up there and there were several domes. The more I think about it, the more irritated I am!

    I checked for the colors on the bags, but the silver and 'tuberose' don't have tags. It could be fawn instead. I need to pull out my tuberose sophia to see.
  11. I know that feeling! My outlet was the exact way.
  12. Same with my outlet! Can't rely on anything they say over the phone!

    I don't think there is a tuberose in the domed shape but I could be wrong. I think they came in the creamy brown colors plus denim.
  13. Was there a shell? Maybe it is just cream. haha
  14. I finally went to my outlet today just to take a look around. I haven't been tempted by any new bags at all but you know what they say...curiosity killed the cat. LOL

    I came home with a Kristin denim dome satchel and I think I like it. Also picked up a couple of little things I don't even know the names of.
  15. OK. The party is rocking again tonight! Could not pass up these 2 beauties. I think I may have one in every color now (except Champagne, which I returned because it looked too much like my brown spectator one)...

    Great prices at the outlet right now on these awesome bags. I think both siggies were under $150.
    i-GMTLMfW-L.jpg i-CXp4jbX-L.jpg