A domed satchel party -- and you are invited...

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    Cheering myself up on hump day by photographing my new bags from the awesome sale this past weekend at the outlets...
    i-k46hWVW-L.jpg i-HxgLXLL-L.jpg i-n6Vhc3W-L.jpg i-ZTSfbDJ-L.jpg i-xrbX4SX-L.jpg
  2. Holy Batman!
  3. Great pics! Love Your Kristin domed collection. What a great way to cheer up. I feel happy admiring them all.
  4. I adore that sequin one! They are all so pretty. Congrats!
  5. Great bags. I absolutely love the grey sig; I've been visiting her at the FP store. The past 4 bags I've purchased within 3 weeks have been all Kristens in different colors and styles. I'm a recent fan of the Kristens so sad to see her go.
  6. love the first one unsire wht its called bt its gorgeous
    great job kath :woohoo:
  7. No way?! All these are at the outlet now??
  8. Gorgeous. Love the python trimmed the best!
  9. Congrats on your new goodies:smile:
  10. Yes! And with the 20% extra off, the prices were amazing! K
  11. Beautiful Kristins!
  12. That spectator one is hot! Congrats!
  13. Beautiful Kristin's!
  14. L-o-v-e
  15. I only have 1 domed satchel in gunmetal--great bag. I love all of yours! Just a tip but if you need more space or want to change up the look, unlatch the small push-button thingies on the sides and then it looks like a cross between a Sophia and a Kristin. I love mine that way.