A dog gives birth to 21 babies!

  1. Awww, that's so precious! I love how the mum keeps wagging her tail - that's one happy mammy!
  2. awwww it's so many!! cute.
  3. I want a puppy so bad this is not helping. Not to mention my favorite breed. They are beyond cute.
  4. How precious!!:heart:
  5. That is insane! They are all so cute! I can't imagine how big the momma must have been before she had them.
  6. :love: so precious. I want to pet them all!! :love:
  7. :wtf:Holy cow, that is A LOT of kiddies for one mommy!! Mama and Papa retreiver look so proud!!
  8. So cute!
  9. Whoa, that's cuuurazy! They are soooo adorable!!
  10. So cute!
  11. wow.. sooo many puppiesssss! I am glad she is ok
  12. WOW!!! that s AMAZING!!!!
  13. They all look healthy. That's wonderful.
  14. OMG, 21? Wow!