A DIY Project- HELP!

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  1. Hi gals!

    Okay so after wearing these once or twice I thought I might dye them to a more 'wearable colour'

    Im thinking of doing a straight black, but does anyone have information on what type of dye and colour to use, how to tape up the shoes, process tips, etc to use!

    The shoe (GREEN PART) is a fabric canvas and looks like it would take dye no problem.

    Any help would be appreciated! :biggrin:

    Here is a photo of them

  2. I don't think I'd change those, at least not the uppers. Maybe change the black to a blue or green.
  3. your shoes are gorgeous! i wouldn't want to change them, and would change the platform part, as Echoes suggested
  4. *did a quick google -- your shoes seem to be very expensive!! if you want plain black pumps/platforms i'd buy a cheaper pair for <$200 and keep these amazing one of a kind ones!
  5. I would take these to a cobbler and ask them to dye it black for you.
  6. Thank you for the feedback ladies!
    Now you all have me thinking I should not dye them...HMM...

    Even though they are a one of a kind, I am having trouble matching them with things other than black and white.

    I also feel like they are 'too fun' for my personality, and I am usually not that 'vibrant' with my clothing/makeup/jewelery.

    I was thinking of dying them black but maybe I will sell them and buy a pair of CL's instead?

    So indecisive! I loved these at first but then my love for them slowly died :sad:

    Can anyone suggest a brand of canvas dye for shoes if I decide to go through with the transformation?
  7. They're too beautiful to be dyed!!! Do buy a pair of cheaper black pumps and keep these for a special occasion.
  8. #9 Oct 21, 2010
    Last edited: Oct 21, 2010

    OP I think it would be a terrible shame to dye those beautiful and quite special pumps, but they're your shoes :shrugs:

    Compared to a plain black or nude pump they might be difficult, but IMO they're not overly difficult to style and pretty enough to make any effort worth it. Looking at them again, a blue silk day dress would be stunning, or denim. . .
    Maybe check out some Dries Van Noten fashion shows online - he often mixes patterned shoes with fabulous block colours or other patterns. Also Prada.

    And I don't think they look too 'fun' BTW :smile:
  9. Thanks Ladies for all your feedback...

    Ive decided to stick with them for now! I did check out Dries van Noten and they definitely have an interesting, flirty, young yet sophisticated look with pops of colour!

    Ive realized from this that I need to refrain from my wardrobe being completely BLACK.

  10. Yeah!

    Black is good, even all black outfits, but not all black all the time.
  11. But its just SOO slimming :graucho::amuse:

    Has there been a thread with Charlotte Olympia shoes? Anyone else own a pair of these comfortable gems?