A disappointing reveal

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  1. Hi Ladies! I was so so excited to do a reveal tonight, but am now so frustrated. After seeing this ah-mazing so black chevron wallet I had to have it. My wonderful SA called everywhere and found one for me... But look at the CC logo... It has pieces missing! They currently are hunting for another one, but I haven't heard back yet if they have found one ... Auuggh. So disappointed

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  2. It is a beautiful wallet. Congrats! Hang in there your SA will make it right.
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  3. Beautiful! I want this now, and I don't even need a wallet. I'm sure you will be able to make an exchange.
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  4. chanel and their recent quality issues! minor setback, i don't think it will be a problem to replace this. it's hard to be patient but the perfect one will come soon enough!!
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  5. Beautiful wallet! Your sa will make it right.
  6. Beautiful wallet, but good call on the exchange .. definitely not a keeper . I hope you find your replacement soon!
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  7. So very sorry this was your experience! Absolutely unacceptable! If Chanel wants to continue to charge a small/large fortune for all things CC, Karl had better be "on the ball" and deliver what you paid for. Wishing you a speedy replacement that is "perfection" - which, in my humble opinion, is not too much to ask from a brand-new item.✨✨✨
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  8. I agree! I understand that rubbing can lead to his type of thing over time, but shoot its brand new! Just disappointed that this passed their quality control not only in Italy where it was made but then here in the US when it got here and when it was packaged and sent to me- you would have thought Someone would have noticed it. Hopefully will find out pretty soon tomorrow if a replacement can be found. Thank you Ladies!
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  9. Yay, you found it!!!!! If they managed to find you one, they will also be able to find you another one (positive thinking :smile:).

    Here is my little chevron reissue wallet family (I'm such an addict!)

    [GALLERY=media, 116]Reissue wallet by Elsbeth_ posted Jul 19, 2016 at 10:29 AM[/GALLERY]
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  10. Thank goodness you got your replacement in no time! Congratulations on your wallet and card case. Beautiful pair!
  11. I am also so obsessed! Trying to talk myself out of a 227 to match

    I haven't heard yet if they have found a replacement, so keep your fingers crossed for me Will update as soon as I hear something! Thank you!
  12. I bought a bag recently and it arrived with a pen mark on it, it was meant to be the only one in the store, in the end they found two other ones in the store room, hopefully same can happen for you so disappointing when it arrives and it's not perfect , sounds silly but I felt totally stressed till I got my replacement
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  13. The same thing happened to me, I bought a red M/L and took a good look at it at the boutique and thought it was in perfect condition. Then I got home and noticed pen marks on the bottom of the bag! I am not sure whether I did not look at the bottom or whether the marks were made while the bag was wrapped. I wanted to cry when I saw the marks, but luckily my mom advised me to try putting some milk on it, which made the marks practically invisible :smile: Such a relief!
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  14. Not trying to be an enabler, but I have the 227 to match
    Shall I take a family pic?
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  15. I understand and can totally relate, I went trough the same experience just a couple of weeks ago.
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