A disappointing reveal...

  1. I would go for a partial refund... thinking that if you were to find new ones in better condition, with that material, you'll probably snag it yourself with normal wear... just IMO..
  2. I'd return them. But that's me... I will always see the imperfections and could not ever "fully enjoy" them. Sorry but that is my honest personal opinion :flowers:
  3. thanks for your opinions Ladies !
    I already filed a claim with paypal because seller ignored my messages.
    Now I'm waiting for them do decide something ! Shoes are already ready to ship !
  4. Hi! Since its hard to find, i will still keep the shoe but should ask for a refund.
  5. Don't give it another thought, going back and forth will only drive you crazy. Send them back, the damage will always bug you.
    Now you have all of us looking out for you, your pair is out there. :hugs:
  6. thanks ! you're so sweet :smooch:
  7. UPDATE :

    after opening a paypal claim on the 1st of september, today after calling paypal for the second time, I just got the green light to send the shoes back !

    so beware ladies, these might pop up again on eBay in a few weeks !
  8. Well thats some good news finally! Sort of!
  9. yes it is ! I'm so relieved ! Going to the post office after work tonight !
  10. Good luck with that, dear!! This whole thread is heartbreaking b/c they are gorgeous shoes but she did lie!!!