A disappointing reveal...

  1. I waited for so long to finally find these...

    Since I saw them on TPF I've always hoped that one day these could be mine...
    And one day they did pop up !
    Seller was nice too so it didn't hurt.
    But then paypal took 18 days to clear up my e-cheque so I had to wait ! again !
    and then it cleared and I just had to wait for the package (seller shipped really fast).
    So today my DBF was home and received my package while I was at work... He insisted to bring them at lunch so I could finally see them and then...
    I thought I would be so happy seeing them... don't get me wrong those are gorgeous but they were supposed to be "as NEW"...
    (I almost paid retail)

    see the right shoe :
    huge tear and even a hole in the fabric !

    other side of the right shoe :
    yes an other hole on the other side :tdown:

    there is no way the seller didn't see this before and nothing to be seen in her pics !
    plus there is light discoloration on both heels and toe boxes (really hard to capture on camera and if it was just that I could live with it)

    please let me know what you think Ladies !
    should I ask to send them back even though I may never find one pair again ?
    should I ask for a partial refund ?
    I'm so lost and sad right now:cry:

  2. Since they are hard to find I would ask for a partial refund! Only if you would still feel happy and fabulous wearing them, despite the imperfections. Have you contacted the seller yet about misrepresenting the condition?? They definitely don't look "new".

    So sorry this happened to you! :wtf:
  3. Oh no!!! So sorry!!!
    These are my UHGs aswell!! So I know you must have been in 7th heaven when you found them.
    To be honest I wouldn't keep them, these are pretty damaged.
  4. So sorry, I know how it feels to find an shoe you have been searching for finally find it and then it is not in the condition that you expect it to be in. These imperfections should have been noted in the description and photographed. Also these are definitely NOT new, you can tell they have been worn.

    If you feel that you would like to keep them in this condition I would ask the seller for a big partial refund! If not send them back for a full refund. Hope everything works out in your favour. Best of luck. :hugs:
  5. So sorry this happened! :cry:

    I really have some twisted sympathy and addiction for beaten-up shoes so I would keep them and ask for partial refund. You can try to restore the satin in some atelier (some can do miracles with fabrics) so the holes wouldnt grow bigger with time.
    Those are beautiful and they deserve loving person to keep them, definitely previous owner wasn't the one.
    In case you decide to keep those I would also ask for a big refund. Fixing those imperfections might cost you some money as well.

    But! If you feel that those imperfections will bug you — return them. Paying about retail and be unhappy with the purchase is no fun. :sad:
  6. wow this are definetely a snad, it's completely your call whether your happy paying full price for less then great shoes. IMO those holes would bother me, I would send them back and keep looking.
  7. oh no!!! Those are definitely NOT acceptable for something in "like new" condition. i agree that they are going to be really hard to find... maybe you can ask for a partial refund? I don't understand how the seller can miss that when describing the item! Sorry PC! :hugs:

    From the top, they are GORGEOUS though!!!!! they are on my UHG list as well....
  8. so sorry sweets! :crybaby:

    this is such a tough call, since they are a UHG, but if all you will think about is the imperfections when you wear them, then return. If you can enjoy them day to day, than ask for a partial refund and savor that you got those beauties for a good deal
  9. :woot:They are beautiful!!! I understand how you feel but they still look STUNNING! You are so lucky! I would ask for a partial refund. I would not return them. They are very rare :smile:
  10. :wtf: OMGosh, what is going with SNADs these days??? I'm so sorry this was such a disappointment. I'd be extremely disappointed too. I don't know...it's a UHG but holes?! :shocked: If you decide to keep them, then a BIG partial refund is in order. Almost retail for shoes with holes in the fabric :nono:
    Good luck, PetitC! :hugs:
  11. I'm with everyone here - very disappointing. Definitely contemplate whether you can live with them to decide whether to return or partially refund.

    Personally just because they are UHG, I'd want them in near perfect condition, but because they are hard to find, I might keep these for a BIG partial refund and IF they pop up again, sell these at your discounted price...:thinking:
  12. So sorry!!!! I am disappointed along with you! The Youpli is a such a gorgeous shoe and one of the main selling points was the quality. Boooo...

    I agree with the other ladies; if you want to keep them, then re-negotiate the price with the seller. This is a pretty obvious flaw and not common...

    Best of luck!
  13. So sorry, I know how much it sucks to have this happen. Honestly, I would ask for a good partial refund. Those ARE hard to find but the SNAD issues are starting to get ridiculous. If it makes you feel better, I had a pair of satin draped shoes that got similar holes and runs in them after a night out and my cobbler was able to mend them with the same colored thread and you couldn't tell unless you looked up close. Try for a partial! If they are not willing, then A FULL REFUND!!!
  14. I think the seller is definitely NOT practicing her sales ethically...

    Sometimes I understand if you're not a good photographer and can't capture details, but at least she should MENTION the imperfections in BOLD or COLORED lettering, or at least that's what I do with my shoes (and I mention even the most minor issues). Now I don't think these are anywhere "like new" even if there wasn't that scratch/hole, cuz the gold lettering has faded.

    Anyhow, I would ask for a 50% refund, given that (1) they're not at all "like new," (2) there are obvious multiple damages, and (3) for not mentioning the damages, she has grossly misrepresented the item and thus not worth the almost full retail price that you're paying. Don't settle for a bad product, even if it's rare :yes: Good luck!
  15. ohhh Petit :hugs: I am so sorry hun! I agree with the girls, if it is something that you can live with then I would definitely ask the seller for a partial refund. If not then it would be better to return them. Let us know how you make out!