A dilemma with my ink twiggy

  1. I have been carrying my ink twiggy for a few days straight now, and I keep thinking the same thing....it's beautiful, I love it so much....BUT, it really is too big for me. Not for my body size, just too big for my belongings. I feel like I am carrying a piece of luggage or something. My Box is much more my size. I know a lot of you love huge bags (esp. b-bags) so you might not relate to what I am saying. What I am wondering is, should I just try to get used to it, or sell it? I love the ink color so much, and the leather on this particular bag is wonderful. Any advice or encouragement? thanks!
  2. I am small too but i love bigger bags, the twiggy is sooo great and it slouches perfectly;) keep it girl!!!!:love: ;)
  3. Where did you get it from LoriB? Is it possible to exchange it?
  4. You can't force yourself to feel a certain way about a bag - proportion is very important; as is how we see ourselves.

    If you are not comfortable with the bag then it will show when you carry it. I did not like the Twiggy on me; but, I love the City...there is a "correct" style for each of us. Do not keep something that does not feel right - it will not grow on you - I guess it could, but, for $1100 you could buy another Box - or a Classique, which you may adore...
  5. Oh, keep it! I would hate for you to have seller's remorse. At least try wearing it for a little while longer and see if you get used to the size. If nothing changes and you still feel the same, then sell it or exchange it!

    ADD: I just read Loganz advice. She is totally right! Exchange it if you are not totally comfortable with it!
  6. I am only 5ft 2. The twiggy is kind of large but I really think it looks nice. Try holding on to it for another week or so. If you still feel the same, give it a new home and maybe get another you like much more. Maybe and ink box or first.
  7. If you can sell it for around what you paid for it then I'd sell it because I believe Bal NY has a few Ink in the first style so they may have some in the box as well.
  8. I bought it from a reputable ebay seller. I think it might be possible for me to get used to it. I've actually carried a larger bag than this in the past (Michael Kors large astor satchel, luggage color, yum!) and I felt it was too large at first but got used to it. But that bag was not blue/purple so maybe that is why I felt more comfortable with it.

    I will give it another week or two and if I feel the same, I will see about getting an ink box or first.


  9. i totally agree. try it out for a few more days and then if you have any reservations, return it or put it up for sale. i first purchased a twiggy because i loved the shape and they appear to be less "common" than the city here in toronto. after trying it at home, i realized the proportions of the bag didn't suit me. i knew every time i carried it, i would always feel the same way and ended up returning it for a city. it will serve you better to replace it with something that you feel nothing but lovelovelove for everytime you carry it. good luck!
  10. hey ya
    i'm only 5'1 and my twiggy (cornflower) is totally yum! i love it to bits!!! i totally agree - try and carry it for another week or so... do you usually wear it with the shoulder strap or do you carry it???? how much stuff do you carry with you????
    good luck with what you decide...
  11. I prefer the Twiggy's size over the Box. However, if you feel it is too big for your needs and you don't LOVE carrying it you should consider selling it and getting another Box or a First.
  12. I'm with you HelenNZ and I'm 5"2......don't we love our CB Twiggys?!
  13. HelenNZ and Coldplaylover : Would you mind posting pictures of yourself with the twiggy? I'm 5'1" and am curious as to how it looks on petite people.. I tried on the box in person at NM and liked it.. but I just think the twiggy's shape is so cute! Thanks a lot!!
  14. i first bought 2 firsts, then several mediums, then a couple of twiggys and now i only use my 4 works! i was crazy about my firsts and then mediums....and had fun with my twiggys. but i now love my works! go figure.... i guess its a woman's perogative to change her mind....
  15. i personally LOVE ink and i LOVE the twiggy size.. i would say you have the perfect bag! but lemme know how much u bought it for.. its only fair that if u dont want it, then u sell it for about how much u paid. i do hope u keep it... it might grow on u. :smile: