A Dilemma re Collection...Help Me Out Ladies...

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  1. OK ladies with collections big and small I have a dilemma.
    I absolutely LOVE my collection and wish it was bigger. I find that my collection consists mostly of speedys & pochettes. In addition, I just got into LV earlier this year so I was behind the times in terms of older limited edition lines. So I went nuts...I wanted everything! I bought all the pochettes in graffiti & cherry blossom, the panda pochette, the cerises pochette, etc.
    I find that I NEVER use the pochettes (or the cleses...but I don't mind about the cleses because I will use them occasionally as bag charms).
    In fact I've used my panda once, my cerises has been used once and same with graffiti. My CB have never been out of the box. I use my cerises speedy quite a lot and I am going to buy a CB papillon and a graffiti speedy next year.
    I want to keep them to "collect"...I really like having a complete collection...and I don't know if I could sell them. At the same time hubby thinks if I don't use something I should sell it (shoot...my motto has always been "If I haven't used it in one year out it goes" but this seems really hard to follow with LV)
    So ladies....what do I do? Those of you with big collections....do you buy a lot of pieces to collect and then really don't care if it just sits there?
    Those of you who sell pieces...how in the world do you do it?
    I'd feel like I was breaking up a family....but then I feel like I should just focus on the bigger pieces that I use all the time (like my speedys, papillon, etc.). I might kick myself later if I sold them.:s
  2. tough....i dont know...i dont think i would ever be able to part with my bags....:s
  3. unless you're heading towards some sort of financial or marital strife, keep them. it's a real collection like any other - they're mostly for personal admiration :yes:

    personally, i buy to keep so every purchase is thoroughly - and sometimes painfully - thought over ;)
  4. When I got my jacket, I never WORE it (brown baseball one) I absoutely LOVED it and I really just wanted it in my collection to say I HAVE IT and know that its there and its safe lol. I had to sell it, I spent $2k with tax and never wore it (kinda too small to begin with, didnt think it was when I first got it) so it took about 4 months for me to sell it (extremely hard, I still miss it till this day but I never wore it). I think what im trying to say here is, its hard at first but then you always have the good memories with that piece? lol...
  5. I agree with deluxeduck. I have a few pieces that I never or hardly use but seeing them always makes me smile and I can't imagine letting them go.
  6. I vote to keep; at least for one more year. You have some very nice limited items that it would so difficult to replace if you changed your mind.
  7. hey twiggers! i don't have a big collection so i can't say much. however, i do think that unless you are in some financial problems, don't sell your items (especially the discontinued ones). you can always sell them later if you decide to do so. :yes: :yes:
  8. Its a two fold question Twiggers and I can only answer from my personal experience. I have one collection... these are my vintage pieces, LE, discontinued, special order and VIP gifts that I have personally sought out to purchase or have been given to me that I do not use or would not sell.
    Then I have my everyday pieces that are used everyday and are fair game for selling, trading or gifting to someone else. I usually like to keep those updated with the most recent styles use them until I get bored with them which happens fairly quickly and I am looking for another new style. This is just my personal preference.:flowers:
  9. Ooooh, that's tough because if you sell them too quickly you might regret it....did you ever have regrets when you bought them? I would say if you're having doubts, hold off just a little longer and if you still don't use them, then sell them. You can always use that money to buy bigger bags that you DO use!! Good luck!!!
  10. Personally, I do not want to hold onto a bag I am not using. It's hard at first to sell off what you do not use, but once you do it, you'll be glad you did. I know I was.

  11. Twiggers, I think that a purse "collection" is a little bit different than shoes sitting in your closet that have been idle for a year or clothes in your closet that don't fit or are so completely out of style there is no hope of them ever being worn again. Get rid of those! A purse collection is different.

    I used to have a large collection of LV. For personal and financial reasons I no longer have a "large" collection. I prefer to keep it to a reasonable number of bags at this point:yes: . I had so many I was able to be a MPRS, but I'd collected for years and that didn't happen overnight. I tend to get carried away. I collected Hummel figurines and Longaberger baskets until my house was filled to the brim. :confused1: :confused1: :confused1: Back to the bags, this is my opinion and take it for what it is worth. If you don't need to sell, for example, need to sell bag A to buy bag B. Then don't. They are money in the bank as far as I'm concerned. Some folks have a little, some have a lot. You have a great collection already of certain lines and I do think you'd feel bad down the road selling for no other reason that you haven't worn them for a year.

    Another take on this is...Wear one a day for the next two weeks, vary your accessories...Make sure Hubby sees this!:roflmfao: :roflmfao: :roflmfao:
  12. Oh Twigs, I think I can help you here!! As you know, I have bought and sold off many of my collections.

    First off, the bags that I really loved that I sold for bags I just LIKED I regretted terribly! Especially my white mc trouville and the manhattan pm. I loved those bags to death and sold them for bags that I just wanted to "have" not that I really loved more, KWIM? Thankfully I was able to sell enough other stuff to re-buy the bags I lost that I loved, but that might not always be the case.

    I say, if you really love something don't sell it. If there are ones you have that you don't really mind being without, then sell them to get something that you really would LOVE.

    I have 2 pochette too, the cerise and the white mc, and that's all I think I need cause like you said, I NEVER use the pochettes and they just sit there.
  13. I've had several pochettes and have sold all of them. They aren't practical for me and I never carry them. What I do to make up for it though is I buy something else in that line that is bigger or that I will use more often. Like if you sell your Cerises pochette, you still have the speedy, so you still have something from that line. If you sell your panda pochette, perhaps you could put the money towards a billfold, or start hunting down the Panda Vavin? That way you would still have LE pieces in your collection and won't sit in their dustbag dungeon.
  14. I would keep them.
  15. Twigs, you have such an awesome collection! I would keep them all if I were you. It's a collection. I collect charm bracelets, but usually wear the same two bracelets all the time and admire the others in my case. I collect antique hair combs and rarely wear those! See where I'm going with this? :yes:

    Enjoy them in whatever way they make you happy!