a dilemma!!!! **PICS ALERT**

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Help me!!

  1. Speedy with Snowflakes

  2. Speedy with Tiara

  3. Belem with Snowflakes

  4. Belem with Tiara

  5. They all look bad, take them off NOW!!!

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  1. ha.

    tricked u all. :p

    it isn't really a dilemma..

    but i'd like your feedback!! now that i've bought these 2 bag charms i don't know which bag to attach them on!

    the first set of pictures: Snowflakes charm
  2. the second set of pictures: Tiara charm
  3. Cool, where were these charms purchased?
  4. I like the snowflake one!
  5. Cute charms. I like the 2nd one :yes:
  6. Tiara! : )
  7. Speedy with Tiara..... hehe Belem look no good with charms:push:
  8. speedy with tiara...
    u don't like the other charm??

  9. OK...they are both cute, but are they silver? If so, I personally would want to get ones in gold to match the brass hardware on the bags. In gold, I would say the tiara on the speedy.
  10. eBay :yes:

  11. ^^^ ITA :yes:
  12. The other one is nice but looks too busy for me:supacool:
  13. true..i agree...now what do i do with that charm :hysteric:

  14. they're silver..when i bought them i just BINed because i thought they were too cute to pass!

  15. HEhe give it to your brother:graucho: