a difficult one

  1. Hey, i've a difficult question to ask u guys. I'm going to meet my bf parents for the first time and am very nervous. Lols..

    Any of you felt this way when u went through it??

    And please help me by suggesting some gifts for them.. Absolutely killing my brain cells now.. :p He keeps saying that i'll be fine but cant blame me for feeling this way.

    Thanks !!
  2. That's great! It will be just fine! :yes:

    I think the initial 5-10 minutes are the hardest...then just keep asking questions about them (how their drive/flight was, recent trips, home,etc.)

    I'm not sure about a gift...I waited until our second meeting to try to sense what they would like, because Mike wasn't any help:"They will like anything."
  3. candles or plants are always nice?

    or wine? though you had better check with BF that they aren't recovering alcholics or something!:biggrin: ;)

    Just be yourself, polite, charming and gracious, pay attention to whats beign said in the conversation & try to have an input in it. Try not to crack jokes etc on the first meeting as this rarely breaks the ice, but only leads to uncomfortable silences or worse, you migt offend them. I'm sure they'll be just as nervous about meeting you for the first time too.

    Good luck with it!
  4. What are the circumstances involved here. Is it a dinner or just a casual meeting to get to know you?
    If it's the former, perhaps ask your bf what they like? When I went to dinner over at my gf's sister's house, I knew that her sis is allergic to gluten and also loves chocolate, so I got her a couple of pieces of gluten free chocolate for dessert. Her husband I got a cigar and we both smoked outside after dinner and got to know each other. Something simple, nothing over the top. You don't want to seem like you're trying too hard, rather just being polite.
  5. Do you know what their interests/hobbies are? Are you going to meet them in the next few days?
  6. Thanks so much for all your precious advices. :smile:

    I'm actually flying overseas and will be staying at their place for a week. Damn nervous. Lols..

    Hopefully things will go smoothly and we;ll have a blast.
  7. I was going to suggest a nice basket with a variety of things in it, but since you are flying, there's no way.

    Just be yourself and everything will be fine! smile, laugh, and show interest in them and the conversation.
  8. I can relate, totally! I had to fly overseas to meet my now husband's parents so that they could *approve of* me before he proposed. Talk about stress :nuts: !! But, luckily I was pretty jet lagged and tired so it was not bad at all. I would suggest bringing something for them, for sure. I would suggest something local to your state or something they cannot get wherever they are. Or maybe just something from Duty Free? A box of chocolates is always nice, providing they are not diabetic. I am sure it will go great. Just be yourself and try to have fun! Keep us posted as to how it goes!!
  9. I was a total wreck when I was to meet my BF parents!!! I was already living with him, he had not told them yet and they were coming over for mothers day:wtf: !
    I could not sleep, eat or even think straight for two days before. My boyfriend kept saying don't worry they will love you, they will not be upset that you live here and it will be a nice surprise that I have a serious girlfriend for them:cursing: .....this is what I did:

    I totally meditated to get my thoughts together and realx because I did not want to come across as a nervous idiot. I also thought simple about the gift so I bought her a pretty (but simple) bowl and put starwberries in it. His house is ALWAYS a mess so I made sure it was spotless. I took a deep breath and decided to just be myself. Guess what....he was right I should not have worried and they loved me....and still do :love: .

    Just be yourself, keep it simple and take deep long breaths, they will love you!
  10. I'm not sure where in the country you're from, but maybe if you brought something that is by a local company or has some local significance? Like a box of chocolates from a local chocolate company or some other food related product. I'm sure they've heard so many great things about you from your bf that they'll be excited to meet you! Once you get over the first bit it'll all be fine! Enjoy your trip!
  11. Oohh good luck...I think it depends largely where you're going. If they don't come to the U.S. (or wherever you are) often, how about something a little cute and touristy?
  12. Chocolates, coffee, wine...something along those lines. Just make sure they can eat or drink it! Also, you can ask your bf what kinds of hobbies his parents have. You can get them something that relates to whatever they are. Definitely bring them something since you will be going overseas and staying at their place. They will appreciate it!

    Don't worry too much...if your bf is willing to bring you home to mom and dad, that's already a good sign! Just be yourself. Good luck and have fun!
  13. If you're going OS to meet them then something from where you are would be nice? A souvenir of something famous from your country or just a bottle of wine would be nice.

    Being nervous is totally understandable. Just be yourself. Find out more about them and then get them talking about the stuff they like. If you have something in common, even better. Good luck!
  14. I'm from down under so i guess some kind of wine would be nice. Lols.

    Appreciate all your wise words. At least i'm feeling better. Fingers crossed.

    Thank you all so much. You're all darlings. ;)
  15. Best of luck and just be yourself.