A different type of 'What shall I get?' challenge!

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  1. Normally you'll be deciding between bags or wallets but I have a much smaller budget to work with! I'm looking for something small to celebrate the birth of my new baby (due on 4th July!) and I have a budget of approx. £200 (so $285 USD).

    I'm open to fashion jewellery. I like these but would also like to see what else you suggest!



    Or perhaps a small SLG. It would be super cool if it could be hot stamped with the baby's initials in blue or pink once baby is here. SLGs already in my collection: mono cles (used for keys or as a small wallet), mono anais wallet (my main wallet), pomme :heart: agenda pm, mono pochette accessoires (used as catch-all in NF & petit noe & as a bag in its own right).

    Right now I'm leaning towards jewellery but it would be my first piece so I don't know very much!

    Thank you
  2. I've had another look at the LV website... SLG options I like are the cosmetic pouch in mono or DE or 4 key holder in canvas with the baby's initials hot stamped. The mini pochette would be good if it would fit my iphone 6, cles & 4 house keys...
  3. First of all congratulations on your baby 👶🏻.It is really an exciting and life changing moment.

    From the options that you mentioned I would get the 4-key holder and get it hotstamped with your baby's initials. You'll be using this piece everyday and every time you use it you get to see your baby's initials. I feel that is just so personal and special.
  4. Key holder or cles!
  5. Congrats on ur upcoming birth!! Maybe u can get a luggage tag hotstamped with the baby's name to put on the baby bag?
  6. Keyholder ! But I'd go for six ring (even if you don't have that many keys, it's slightly more spacious so will fit a car key fob etc)
  7. I also think the 4 key holder with hot stamp would be good. You might be able to pass that to your baby later on.
  8. If a cosmetic pouch is an option, that's what I would select.
  9. I like the luggage idea with baby's initials hot stamped that others mentioned.
  10. Thank you SO much for suggesting this. This is exactly my style & I've fallen in love. I'm based in the UK but it looks like I can get a great deal on delivery etc at Neiman Marcus. This is definitely a contender!! Just beautiful.
  11. You're welcome! I got mine in March and haven't taken it off since; it's so easy to wear with anything and I get tons of compliments. The quality is great and I know it will last as long as I want it to.
  12. I have a tiny gold necklace with a letter on it as well. Both my kids name starts with the same letter so it worked perfectly when my daughter was born as well lol. I would do a bracelet or necklace for the sentimental part and a cosmetic case or toiletry pouch for the fun thing [emoji6]. Bags and SLGs come and go, but jewelry can be something you love for many years. I also have Julian & Co jewelry with names and bury dates I love.
  13. That's lucky! Is it strange wearing an initial which isn't your own?
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