A different type of unboxing/reveal...

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  1. We'll I have been waiting quite a while for this amazing bag. Today I picked it up but before I went home I stopped by at the Louis Vuitton store to pick something else up. The SAs desperately wanted to see my purchase from Chanel so I managed to do a live unboxing/reveal in front of them at the Louis Vuitton store (crazy I know!). My SA is the one who took the photos. Anybody up for my Chanel reveal at the Louis Vuitton store???


  2. How exciting! Ready to see what you got!
  3. Can't wait...
  4. I must say, this is one I've not seen before! A reveal of a Chanel at LV!
  5. Love this already! Cant wait to see.....
  6. Does anybody want to guess what it is...?

  7. Gst?
  8. Here'
  9. Here. Is GST?
  10. Yes it does look like it would be a gst however you are wrong.

    He it is!!!




    This is the smaller size of the graffiti backpack! I am so in love with this :yahoo:
  11. Totally love it! It looks perfect on you!! Enjoy! :smile:
  12. lol this was cute!!! :lol:

    and congrats on the awesome backpack!!!! looks great on you! :biggrin: perfect size for you!

    what a great find since they are hard to come by!
  13. I literally gasped...so amazing
  14. Great reveal - enjoy your bag, it's cool!
  15. Congrats!!!