A different pearl necklace/belt at Saks today...

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  1. Pic borrowed from eBay seller, DGjeans. They had this at Saks today, but I didn't check the price. They still have the classic strand also.
  2. ohhh i have that necklace...

    it retails 1150 USD.

    Its like the one Mischa Barton wore in the OC

    did you get it?? its soooo cute
  3. wait...ahh i guess its late--forgot u didnt check the price so im guessing u didnt get it :noggin:
  4. No, I resisted. I just got the lariat style pearls, so trying to be good.
  5. Ooh, that's the one I like. Which Saks is this? Thanks!
  6. They have it at Chanel boutique in Tysons Galleria Mclean, VA too :smile:
  7. It was at the Troy, Michigan store. My SA there is Delyse and she's very sweet. The number is 248-643-9000, or you can call her cell 248-808-0712. Please tell her April referred you.
  8. Oooohh...hope to see some modeling pics!! ;)

    (I should be talking...need to get on some pic taking myself this weekend hee)

    :shame: :rolleyes: