A different kind of Sloane...

  1. I popped by the boutique today to pick up my coin purse flats. The SA showed me a bag that he called the new Sloane. It has the same shape as the Sloane but is about 5-10% smaller, i.e. the handle strap is slimmer and the rings are also smaller and not wrapped. As it has a zip top opening, instead of magnetic flaps, the structure of the bag is less bulky. The opening also seem bigger.

    Imo, the bag looks neater and more pulled together as compared to the Sloane which has a casual slouchy look. It looks esp gorgeous in the Moro I was shown which contrasted nicely with the vintage gold rings. Also comes in Noce, but not sure if there are other colours.
  2. It was also about 10% cheaper than the Sloane.
  3. can't wait to see the pics!!!!!
  4. Yes, pictures:nuts: I would love to see a Sloane that's a bit smaller!
  5. Oh I can't wait to see what it looks like!!
  6. Me too, me too! I'd love to see this. Thanks for the heads-up, ms piggy.
  7. I saw this new bag in BV in London last week - my SA called it the "Sloane with the zip"! Seems it hasn't got it's own name yet :p

    It is lovely - like a neat, compact version of the Sloane. I considered it but am too far gone on the original Sloane to consider the new one - however cute it was :love:
  8. interesting....
    cant wait to see picture.
    thanks for the info ms piggy
  9. ooh, this is such intriguing news! can't wait to try it out irl !! thanks for the heads up
  10. Glad to share. Unfortunately I do not have any pics of it. Like what Balchlfen said, it's a compact version of the Sloane. Hope they have pics of it in the F/W catalogue
  11. It is just so hard waiting to see these bags.
  12. Can't wait to see! Thanks!
  13. confirm that this new "Sloane with a zip" has been seen in hong kong. agree with ms piggy that it looks more compact than the old Sloane.

    go ask your SA to call you when it arrives in your local BV.
  14. Wow, I can't believe BV is coming out with a new Sloane when the original Sloane is still faily new to their line! I haven't even had a chance to use my poudre sloane!

    I haven't used it because I thought it was a little bulky....I don't want to regret getting this!! But I doubt they will bring the poudre color back....I was on such a high when I finally found it and bought it! Now I am itching to see this new Sloane!

    Miss Piggy, I think you opened a can of worm! In a good way, though:smile:
  15. i saw the new sloane in the boutique today. as ms p said it's more compact and has cleaner lines that the sloane. as a sloane owner myself, what i liked about the sloane is the look of the one seamless piece of leather, the weaved rings and the fold-over flaps - all of which gives a look that is uniquely bv. the new sloane on the other hand, will appeal to anyone who found the sloane too bulky and had issues with its inaccessible opening. the zip is really handy.

    the new sloane did remind me a little bit of a Tod's Mickey except it is more slouchy.