A different kind of bag

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  1. ThinkGeek :: Duct Tape Purse by Ducti®

    I am a global moderator on Geeks to Go -- Free Computer Help and the guys over there always give a hard time because I hang out over here as well. They shared this link of their favorite purse.

    Duct Tape Goes With Anything!

    How many times have you stood in front of the mirror in your new "classic" black dress and wished you had the perfect accessory to show the world how a sexy geek really looks? And we don't mean just you geek girls out there - but all geeks. Really, how many times? We searched and searched, and eventually Ducti, the Masters of Duct Tape, delivered us what we had been looking for. Nothing says "I'm a hot geek" like a Duct Tape Purse.

    With an adjustable chain and a beautiful silver duct tape exterior, the Duct Tape Purse will look equally stunning no matter what you wear. Jeans and a tee, no problem. Purple hair and chains, it still works. Haute Couture, it fits right in. This means, of course, that since the Duct Tape Purse works with everything, it's great for the spy who needs to change appearances in a hurry. Though the duct tape look is pretty conspicuous…so maybe it's not the best for spies. But it rocks for geeks!

    Duct Tape Purse Features:

    * 100% Duct Tape Outer Construction
    * Black Cotton Inner Expandable Lining
    * Chrome Chain that can be adjusted to waist or shoulder length
    * Magnetic Nickel plated clasp
    * Dimensions: 8.5" X 6.5"

    Attached Files:

  2. Wow, that's a pretty crazy bag. you cant really tell it's made of Duct tape... can you post larger pics? that's really interesting! :amazed:
  3. Very unique bag! Never seen anything like that.
  4. think we can market it and sell it for $1000???
  5. This is the first bag my husband will definitely want me to buy. He LOVES duct tape! Uses it on everything. Thinks it's the most fabulous product. What a wild idea.