A diamond question to UK ladies

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  1. Hi guys,

    I’m based in London and wanted to have the diamond in my e-ring replaced going from 0.25 ct to 0.7-1ct. Originally my ring is from Goldsmiths and is a solitaire yellow gold diamond ring. Has anyone had any experience in replacing the diamond with a bigger one? Did you go to the original shop you purchased it from? I’m not sure where to look!
  2. That’s quite a size jump so it’s unlikely a simple replacement into the same setting will be feasible, the ring might need a new head, depending on the style.

    Educate yourself about diamonds before buying anything, in my experience most U.K. jewellers emphasise high colour and clarity when really it’s the CUT that makes the thing sparkle. Consider online shopping too. Only look at GIA or AGS certified stones.
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  3. Hi there
    As dB above said do your homework, it’s a large purchase.
    I would steer clear of “high street” jewellers and look at proper jewellery stores or manufacturers.
    Hatton Garden in London was always the jewellery centre, not sure what it’s like these days.
    Alternatively try the Jewellery Quarter in Birmingham which still has manufacturing jewellers.
    Not all are, some are plain shops that buy in from abroad so still research carefully.
    Good luck with your search and enjoy the journey.
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