a devastation of the technological kind...

  1. all of a sudden in the last week or so, my computer was overrun with viruses. and last night it finally just came to the point where it was just done...as soon as it booted up, it shut down. i couldn't save anything. i had to do a full system restore.

    which means i lost all my photo albums. 99% of my music, which is KILLING me. i thought, at least, what was on my ipod would transfer over, but no. it only transfered 149 songs (out of thousands upon thousands...). lost all my papers i worked so hard on. lost my novella.

    so in one night, i lost nearly everything that defined me.

    i know it's stupid and trivial, but i'm devastated. i can live without my pictures, but my music?! :cry:

    so someone reassure me it will all be okay...
  2. Heck, a hard drive is just that, a hard drive. You are not defined by the disk drive of your computer.
  3. logically, i know that. but i'm still sitting here in tears. i can't help it. there were only two things that meant the world to me- my writing and my music. and both are gone and i have to start over. it's just a lot to add to an already horrible week.
  4. I know, I'm so sorry...I meant to write more and I had to go off and answer the doorbell.

    Next time, try storing photos online on flickr or yahoo..that way you won't lose them. And think of this as a positive experience for your writing, though it may be hard. I once lost a whole academic paper and was totally distraught until I rewrote it- I had to redo all the diagrams, the figures, redo the data...but the finished product was much better than the first time!
  5. I feel your pain, I really do. I am not the best person in backing up my stuff, and I am always on at other people to do it.

    I know many people who have problems and lost their IPod music, thinking it is saved on the pc and ok. But, both my daughter and my OH's daughter ended up with their pc's wiping their IPods. It is obviously something written in the programme, and I suppose the only way round it, is to back the music up onto a cd in file format, so you can retrieve them if you had a crash of your IPod etc.

    Recently, my antivirus prog has pulled up showing a couple of trojan horses, on particular files which have been sat on an external hard drive for about 3 years.

    The majority of people will panic when they see the words trojan horse, and yes, there are many out there doing damage. But sometimes the av software is over-zealous. Upon further investigation, there was nothing dodgy about the files it flagged.

    I hate TechNOlogy.
  6. Oh no, kallison, I'm so sorry!! Take care, sweetie, you'll get your music back soon, and you will write more stories.

    Next time your baby locks up on you, maybe see if you can locate someone with a computer background before you wipe the hard drive. You can usually still access things like documents via DOS with a few keyboard commands and at least get those off of the computer. I've done it a few times myself on screwy computers, and also had the Geek Squad guys salvage my documents once on a computer I thought was completely fried. You can back up your documents too, of course, but I didn't really learn that lesson until I had a few computers die on me too.

    Take care, things will brighten up soon!
  7. i have some saved on photobucket, luckily. but a few i was meaning to transfer over today. d'oh. :push:
  8. it only transferred teh songs that weren't authorized to one computer. and apparently all but 149 were authorized to only one computer. dangit. :push:
  9. teh only reason i went ahead and did it was because my brother, the resident computer genius, said i would probably need to do it anyways. so, in a fit of rage, i did it (in lieu of throwing it out the window, which i also seriously considered...)
  10. Oh man, I completely understand that impulse, kallison! Computers are really frustrating little buggers. This may be a silly question, but does Itunes back up any of that music for you? I have no idea.
  11. no, they don't.

    of freaking course they don't...

    guess it's time for me to dig out my cd's and at least import those.
  12. This may be shutting the barn door, after the horse..........

    But, :cursing: you know thinking of it not happening again. Or for anyone else wanting to back up etc.

    KennettNet - Music Rescue
  13. That's why I always back up everything to external storage. Removable storage media is getting cheaper and cheaper, which makes it easier to back up on a regular basis. For example, I burn all of my music to a couple of DVDs, all of my fiction I keep on small removable SD cards, etc. I also have a couple of USB hard drives, too. Never can be too careful!
  14. ^but i have 2 30gb ipods that were completely full...that's a LOT to save.

    and someone got angry one day and broke the cd burner... :whistle:
  15. so sorry K:sad: ....i know how important your music and your writing is to you...:flowers: