A detachable shoulder strap for the paraty?

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  1. Hi everyone,

    Little more than a year ago, I returned my paraty, too disappointed by the way its large strap was hanging when carried by the two top handles... I just came across a description in net-a-porter, saying it has now a detachable strap?

    Anyone got this bag please?? Is it new?

    Enjoy your we :smile:
  2. My Paraty has a detachable strap and it's not new. I thought the straps always had been like that?
  3. I own two Paratys from the first season and the straps both are detachable. Not with carabiners and not too easygoing, but you can pull the little metal knots through the slots and remove the strap.
    There are other models now with straps much easier to remove...but the classic Paratys still come like they always came ( as far as I know ).
    They never came with non-detachable straps...
  4. Thanks, I'm discovering something today!
  5. I just checked my paraty and the straps are not detachable. At the end of the strap is a ring, and is hooked through a leather strap sewn into the bag. I bought mine Oct 2010 from the London boutique so maybe the bags are made differently for different markets?
  6. I own an elephant one from March 2010 as well...the strap is removable as well...does yours have this small knob/rivet just a little bit higher than the ring? You can pull it through the slot an remove the strap...


    I can't imagine Chloé changed this just for one season :confused1:
  7. Oh wow, I never realised that they were detachable! It is a bit of a hassle though, plus I use the shoulder strap alot. Nevertheless that's good to know!
  8. Chloe75 wow you are right! I never noticed that little rivet as its on the reverse side of the strap. Thanks - Learnt something new today about the bag I already love to death! :smile: in any event i can't imagine using my paraty without the strap
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