A delightfully darwin reveal!

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  1. Hi everyone!

    Is anyone around for an extremely exciting reveal?!?! :nuts::yahoo:
  2. Looks can be deceptive? ... :nuts::biggrin:;)
  3. Of course it's a Mulberry...

    Can anyone guess what it may be? :nuts::hbeat:

    ... I never thought I would ever be doing this reveal...!
  4. Here hope it’s what I think it is....
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  5. No way !!!!! :panic:
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  6. :panic::panic::panic::panic::loveeyes: :loveeyes: :yahoo::drool:

    Here she is...
  7. I am beyond honoured and so, so grateful that I have had the opportunity to purchase my ultimate holy grail bag! Huge thank you to a very kind TPF'er! :hbeat::hbeat::hbeat:

    Presenting my beautiful blonde darwin Bayswater! (I can't even believe I'm typing this!)
  8. Whoop whoop! Congrats! Just shows if you are prepared to wait you can be rewarded.
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  9. Thank you! I totally agree - and when you finally get your holy grail bag, the feeling is all that much sweeter. :hbeat::flowers:
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  10. Big congratulations! What a fabulous Christmas present!! :smile:
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  11. Thank you MM! As you can guess, I am super happy! :panic::hbeat:
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  12. Wow!!! Well done .....you stayed on track and finally hunted her down. This has been on your wish list for a while hasn’t it? Fabulous, really pleased for you.
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  13. Thank you ever so much! I sure did - little did I know I would end up with the actual beautiful bag I had admired on here for so long - a very kind TFP'er came to my rescue! :hbeat:

    The colour of the bag is really beautiful - changes depending the light. :heart:
  14. With her ginger darwin 'sister'... ;):hbeat:
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  15. A purse forum fairy godmother
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