A Delicious Reveal...

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  1. Any guesses? :amuse:

  2. image.jpeg
  3. It's a red, delicious apple...!
  4. Hmm...wait a second....I think there is something wrong with this apple...it may have gone bad.....

  5. :lol: It's so lovely, wrms! I love it with your Peekaboo! :loveeyes: Big congrats! :biggrin:
  6. Here he is with his brother who is giving him the stink eye for usurping his spot on the peekaboo...
    authenticplease likes this.
  7. That's so cute! :P Great picture! :tup:

  8. Great reveal, wrms! Love your bag charms and your bag!
  9. This is great!!! I love it!
  10. I love your apple, wrms! So cute!!
  11. Adorable! Congratulations!

    I had the opportunity to get him at a great price but I could only afford one Bag Bug and Fusto came home with me instead. I wish I bought him too. So cute!
  12. An adorable apple/monster! Love it, congrats!