A decision on my ink twiggy problem

  1. I honestly think the twiggy size is too large for me. :sad2: The leather on my ink twiggy is very good, not veiny, and I love the color/feel of it. But I cannot get over the size. I feel like such a b-bag failure for not liking the twiggy size, everyone here seems to love it so much. My box is perfect for me, though. I'll never let it go! But I think I should say goodbye to my twiggy and start looking for an ink first.

  2. Awwww, Lori, sorry that you're not 100% on your Twiggy. All the best!
  3. don't feel bad - everyone has a bag that suits them best. as i said before, personally, the twiggy is too long and not deep enough for me and i prefer the size and proportions of the box as well (my second choice after my city). i think Bal NY still has some firsts in ink so definitely give them a call to confirm what's in stock. good luck with your sale! :biggrin:
  4. I am so sorry to hear that! Just keep posting and maybe you can put it up as a trade on the marketplace for a First.

    It is interesting to hear your opinion on the twiggy. Based on pictures, I liked the look of the box better. Since the bordeaux box I bought from a pf member was stolen in the mail, I went on a mad hunt for another bordeaux bag. I was only able to find one in a twiggie style (Bluefly). I do not have it yet, but am already afraid I will not like it. I do like big bags, but not wide bags.

    Everything will work out; an ink twiggy is a bag that seems to be in demand. Good luck!!!
  5. Thanks ya'll. I will have to sell my twiggy before I can buy an ink first, unless I arrange a trade. I had wanted a twiggy for so long, I LOVE the way it looks on other people and in photos....it just isn't right for me. I tried to force myself to love it but I just couldn't. The twiggy is just so long, my stuff just swims around in there with so much room to spare. I want to love the twiggy, but it just isn't going to happen. Agggh, I am so sad about it!!
  6. oh no... well I guess you can't just force it when it's not meant to be. Don't worry you'll get your bag soon LoriB *hugs*
  7. OMG!!! your bag got stolen??? :cry: :cry:
  8. Yes, the whole matter is under investigation so we are hoping to get some resolution today. The PF member who sold it to me is at the post office as I type this speaking with Managment.
  9. Getting a bag stolen like that would be the worst. I hope it all works out okay for you.
  10. OMG!!! I hope everything will turn out ok....
  11. Hi Lori,

    I hate to be a pain, but advertising bags for sale outside of The Marketplace isn't permitted. When you have 75+ posts and have been a member for over a month, you can post a thread in the WTS section.

    Thanks :biggrin:

    And don't worry, you'll find a bag that's right for you. I recently found out that I favor the city more than the first, so I'm trying to track an apple green one down. It happens! :amuse:
  12. Lori- if it isn't working for you, then sell it and get the ink first! YOu will love it and never look back!

    Becca- I truly hope everything gets resolved for you today! That is just so awful!
  13. I am so sorry Cristina! I have seen others post in this fashion, I thought it was okay as long as it didn't read as an actual advertisement with a price and all. Edit me, do whatever you need to do. Sorry again!
  14. It's okay, don't worry :biggrin: Sometimes we miss those posts that you're referring to. If you do see one and us mods miss it, please let us know :amuse: We're just trying to keep the WTS posts limited only to The Marketplace.

    Thank you for understanding!!! :nuts:
  15. Y'know, I'm starting to believe that everyone has a 'type' of b-bag. A particular style that they're always drawn back to. Maybe for you its the Box - there's nothing wrong with that at all. Heck, its a less common style - it'll just make you more unique and fabulous! :biggrin: