A decision I just can't make alone :( NEED HELP PLS!


Which should I keep?

  1. Work

  2. Day

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. Ok I know, decisions are not one of my best qualities lately. Here goes. I know Violet is a color I need :p. So far I've sent back the following because the style of the bag wasn't right.

    RH City
    RH PT

    Right now I have a giant silver hw work and day and can't decide which to keep. (wish I could have 2)

    Take into consideration I already have a black day, cafe day, ink box and caramel city.

    Which is the winner?:confused1::confused1::confused1:
    P1060779.jpg th_P1070170.jpg th_P1070169.jpg P1070171.jpg
  2. The work, it is gorgeous!
  3. Keep the day and give me that work!!!!!!!!!! LOL!!!!!!!!!!!:lol:

    Seriously you have the toughest decision b/c they are both equally gorgeous!!!! I guess it comes down to which style do you prefer and which would you get the most use out of?
  4. I vote for Work. :drool:
  5. Keep the work, you already have two DAYS
    You also took 3 pictures of the WORK and only 1 of the DAY
    I think you like the WORK better, right? :graucho:
  6. since you already have days, I say go for the work!!
  7. the work since you have days :smile: ... personally i would prefer the day to the work though ...
  8. yea go for the work!
    love both though....
  9. I'm a HUGE fan of the Day, easily my fav bal style, yet i am strangely drawn to your Work and it gets my vote!
  10. I love the style of the Day bag, but 1) I think the Work (or was it weekend? my short term memory is obvi. not the greatest!) looks better in the Violet! and 2) you already have a coupla Day bags. Good luck~ either way you'll have one Killer Bag!
  11. Love the work!!! The giant hardware looks better on the work with that color! Gorgeous!!
  12. Violet Work is the best combo this season- keep this one!
  13. i think the work looks great on you!

    but if you think you'd get more use out of the day then i dont think there's anything wrong with having 3 days - i have 3 cities!

    eta: is the leather the same on each bag?
  14. I voted for the Day. I love the shoulder strap, it's comfortable, and the color on the Day is TDF gorgeous, plus I think it looks fabulous on you. Day bags don't look that great on some people. Some of my friends have them and they rock them, on others, they just don't look that good. I love it on you! Also, Violet is an intense color that can stand alone. I think the GH looks better on the Day and not as busy as it does on the Work.
  15. I love the day. I am not a huge fan of the GH (yet!), but I really like GH on days and hobos styles. I also love the day style and don’t believe you can have too many days! Really though, both bags are absolutely gorgeous!