A Debate

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  1. Hi, My fellow forum members.I'm in a kind of hard decision right now.lol I have the new gucci slip ons from the cruise collection,but I can't find anything to wear with those things.And I also purchased this ralph lauren jacket that I just can't see myself wearing now.

    Well my dilemma is I've been wanting a pair of evidences for over a year now,and if I took both of those items back I could purchase the evidences.

    Which one would you guys do?lol i can't make up my mind

  2. I would purchase the evidences
  3. If you're not going to use them, bring them back and get something you will use :smile:
  4. Of course I'm going to rock them daily lol.I've been wanting them for so long now,and I really wanted them for my bday and ended up copping some other stuff at the spur of the moment and now I'm kind of regretting it
  5. Get the evidence, if you're going to wear them all the time, they are a better buy than shoes and jacket that you won't always be wearing.
  6. Wanting them for over a year...there is your answer. Take back the other stuff and get what you really want
  7. I'd return the other purchases and get the evidences! I have 2 pairs of LV sunglasses and love them!
  8. Yeah,well now my collection can grow as a male.Within the next month my purchases should be the Evidences,A Bandanna,and a Four Key Holder.I'm so pumped to get my purchases,and oh yeah a bandeau
  9. Get what you really want -- the Evidences!
  10. Get what you lvoe... But my vote is for evidence.
  11. I say the evidence too.
  12. If you've been certain about the glasses for some time, get the evidence sunnies. Don't forgo something you love, for a few things you like.
  13. Easy, get the Evidences!
  14. Well,Hopefully I will get to go do it this weekend after I get off work or maybe sunday.Then when I get home I will order them.How long does things take coming from the website?
  15. Evidence hands down.