A deal on Cartier Love

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  1. For anyone interested....
    I found out today that you can purchase the Cartier Love bracelet at Saks in Dadeland Mall in Florida. They said if it is shipped to you, there is no sales tax which is a huge savings. Also, if you use your Saks card, it is double points. So you receive a large ($450 or so) Saks egc too. If you buy on the major purchase account, you have 6 months interest free to pay for it. I inquired about this at the Cartier boutique and they claim there must be tax. But the SA in Florida said no tax. Even so, there is a nice gift card. Anyone have experience with purchasing Cartier items at Saks and having shipped to your home?
  2. My hubby purchased my Love bracelet from that same Sak's, do you remember me posting about it? I know whatever else we purchase that's Cartier we will end up buying it from that Saks because it really is an amazing deal they offer!
  3. I saw someone posted about it but I didn't remember it was you. Did you have to pay sales tax? I don't know if you are a Florida resident. I really want to get confirmation that if it is shipped to Pennsylvania, ther is no tax - especially because we have Cartier stores here. But I once bought an LV bag from Macys in New York and they didn't charge me sales tax. We have tons of Macys here. Does anyone else know how tax and shipping work?
  4. From my experience you have to pay sales tax if they have a store in the state you live. For example when I lived in California I didn't have to pay Blue Nile any sales tax, but now that I live in Seattle I do. Also, I had to pay sales tax when I ordered a necklace from Helen Ficalora even though she did not have a store in my state because her company headquarters are based here. That's great that you didn't have to pay sales tax to Macys. I wonder how that worked.
  5. I was surprised about the Macys thing too. I ordered 2 LVs from them at different times. The first time they did not charge tax which was a huge savings. The second time they did charge tax. I called up and questioned it and they said it was an error and issued me a credit for around $72. Like I said, we have a Macys in almost every mall in Pennsylvania!
  6. I really don't understand Saks' tax policy. I bought a Cartier watch at Saks in Boston and they shipped it to me in NY and it was sales tax free even though there is Saks in NY. I think Saks Boston is officially a different company than Saks NY -- the same may be true of Florida. Good luck!
  7. I don't really understand Saks either--it seems to be the whim of the SA. I do know that I've had several Chanel items shipped from the Las Vegas and New Jersey stores tax free and I live about five minutes from the Beverly Hills Saks, so there's definitely one in my state!
  8. My DH did not have to pay tax on my bracelet, we live in TX and we do have Sak's stores here so I'm not too sure how it works but you will not have to pay tax if you live in another state, my DH also just recently purchased the Cartier 09' Charity bracelet for me and he did not have to pay tax on that either...
  9. Who is good at math?! How much of a savings is it if we have 6% tax in PA? I think the YG bangle is $3650 now but not positive.
  10. interesting. i have all of my saks purchases shipped to texas (where there are saks stores) and have also not been charged tax a few times. not regularly, but its happened here or there when charge sending a bag or pair of shoes. the SAs may have a way to override the tax. i worked in various capacities for gap inc. throughout undergrad and grad school, and we were able to override the tax because people would sometimes return an item from outside the city limits where the sales tax differed.
  11. Sounds like a great deal. Thanks for the info.

    Hokaplan: You would save $219 in taxes + Saks bonus rewards.

    In California the saving would be $335 depending on which county.