A deal from the South!

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  1. In Louisiana and Mississippi, there's a shop called UAL or United Apparel Liquidators. I hit one of the stores here in Mississippi and was :yahoo: when I found this [​IMG] for $60.00. Has anyone else ever

    shopped there?
  2. I've never shopped there, but what a great deal!! :tup:
  3. Very nice-what brand is it?
  4. It's a Hayden Harnett- I believe the black patent Marlow.
  5. Wow! That's a killer deal. I believe they were $100+ at the sample sale last week.
  6. It is the HH Marlowe.:rolleyes: I forgot to write that, didn't I?
  7. That's an awesome deal! Great bag!
  8. Nashville just got a UAL a couple of weeks ago. I :heart: this store! I scored a derek lam dress for $200 and a Hache dress for $60. I didn't see any bags worth mentioning, but was almost going to get the Balenciaga gladiator sandals for $180. :tup:
  9. They are continuously getting stuff, it makes me so happy!!!!:wlae:
  10. I've been to the one in New Orleans many times and i havent found any really good deals. Great score!
  11. I have been to the one in Baton Rouge and haven't really found anything good. But maybe I should go back now, there is one here in New Orleans too.
  12. Where is the one in Baton Rouge? The one in New Orleans is on Royal Street i think near Hemline.